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   Chapter 128 Does Charles Like Fiona (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7315

Updated: 2020-02-20 13:29

"Do you still love me? Spencer? " Asked Celine, her eyes full of expectation and eagerness.

When Spencer saw her face, he was stunned. Various complex emotions flashed through his mind. Ever since she came back from abroad, she had asked him about it a few times as long as she had the chance. But he always avoided it. Now that she had given herself up to save him, he could definitely not say such heartless words again

"I..." Spencer frowned and was about to speak when Celine put her hands to her chest, gasped and trembled, "Ouch... It hurts! "

"Hurt again?! Don't move! " Suddenly, he stood up and held her, "I'll call the doctor!"

"Haha..." When Celine saw the nervous expression on his face, she suddenly burst into laughter. She grabbed his sleeves and said, "I'm lying! Aren't you said to be the most acute observer? Why are you fooled by me every time? Or am I too good at acting? "

"Don't joke about your health." After getting back to his seat, Spencer gave Celine a cold look. He couldn't hide his concern in his words.

"Spencer," suddenly Celine held his hand, and without a smile on her face, she said seriously, "there is a saying that 'care is blind'. You are fooled by me every time. Do you lose your mind because you care about me? This time I was injured. After I went through the gate of hell, I suddenly understood a lot of things... "

"What is it?" Asked Spencer.

"I suddenly understand that living is a very happy thing." Celine smiled gently, "I have been in a chaos during these days when I was in a coma. Everything in front of me is blank. I tried to open my eyes, but I failed. I wanted to escape from that empty and quiet place, but I could do nothing I am so desperate. It was not until I woke up that I realized how good it is to be alive. "

"Yes, life is not easy. You should cherish life." As soon as he finished his words, he thought of Fiona all of a sudden. She was a person who cherished her life so much. He had been protecting her life so much that he would never allow anything bad to happen to her because of him

"It's not easy to live, and it's hard to find someone who is willing to live with you." Celine stared at Sp


And the culprit is the father of the child.

"Spencer, are you sad, too? To have an abortion? " Celine asked tentatively.

"Sad?" A smile of self mockery appeared on his lips. "This decision is probably the best choice for everyone."

"Do you hate her? Are you revenging on her? " Celine asked again, "Because of her existence, we are doomed not to be together. Your marriage has already been arranged. Even if we can't become brother and sister, it is impossible for us to get married."

"Because of a car accident ten years ago, my mother passed away, and your mother came to our home with you Then the life path is in a mess. I really wish that Fiona could die. I want to torture her and hurt her, everything she does is wrong... " His words upset Fiona deeply who was standing outside the ward.

Originally, she didn't expect him to say anything nice, but when she really heard his hatred for her, it was still hard for her to accept. It wasn't her fault and she didn't know anything, but he was trying to impose all the blame on her.

Fiona turned around and walked out of the ward.

If a living person had to accept such a price, she would rather take it in silence to prevent those bad rumors on her mother. As for Spencer, they had no connection at all. It was really unreliable to get together after their arranged marriage from childhood. As the saying goes, "love will grow as time goes by." it was impossible for them.

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