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   Chapter 126 Ryan Leaves Quietly (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7270

Updated: 2020-02-20 00:22

The next morning, the people of the M City began a fresh life in the snow.

Spencer stayed in the ward for the whole night. Last night, Fiona was sensible and left. She went to bed. She didn't need to see the couple love each other but torture herself.

But now, Fiona was standing outside the ward of Ryan. The graceful temperament of him couldn't be hidden even though he was wearing a hospital gown. He sat on the bed with his arms being hung up, and the people in the room looked at him.

Fiona stopped. She would come again when no one was around! That was what Fiona thought.

"Ah? "Fiona? Just as Fiona was about to turn around and leave, Sophia opened the door and stopped her in a hurry. "Where are you going? Aren't you here to see Ryan? "

"I, I will come back later!" Fiona glanced at the ward and saw a well-dressed woman wiping tears for Ryan. 'She must be Ryan's mother, ' she thought. On the other side, there was a middle-aged man who looked a little fat, but his features could still tell that he looked like Ryan. Was this the father of the Ryan?

'With his parents around, I can't go in, ' she thought.

"Don't wait! Ryan just asked you. " Grabbing Fiona's arm, Sophia said, "When Ryan wakes up, the first thing he asked is if you are okay. You can't go!"

"Sophia, don't do that..."

Before she could get out of her arms, Sophia had dragged her into the ward and said, "Uncle Wen, look, this is Fiona!"

In an instant, everyone turned to look at Fiona, and Charles frowned.

"Hi, Fiona!" On the bed, Ryan cried out excitedly, "How's everything going? Are you okay? "

"I'm fine." Fiona shook her head slightly. She took a look at Ryan's parents and greeted them politely, "Hello, uncle and aunt."

"Emm." Mr. Wen replied in a calm tone. The atmosphere in the room suddenly became awkward.

She was the one who got Ryan shot in the arm. Ryan was supposed to go abroad now, but he was sent to the hospital because of her. Ryan's father didn't blame her for that and gave face to her.

Standing aside, Fiona was a little uneasy.

Sophia swallowed her saliva, as if she had pushed Fiona to the center of trouble again due to her car

It's all my wishful thinking. "

With knitted brows, Fiona apologized, "I'm sorry, Ryan..."

"Every time you call me senior, I would rather you call me by my first name just like what you call the drillmaster. In that case, it seems we are closer." He continued, "Last night, at the airport hall, you saw that someone was pointing a weapon at the back of Spencer. You rushed over regardless of everything else. You couldn't pretend to be nervous And I can't watch you get hurt either. It's the best choice for me to forget you in a different environment, therefore, I choose to go abroad. "

Fiona's eyes reddened slightly. "I'm sorry, senior. You've been so good to me, but I can't give you anything."

"Yeah, why should I?" Ryan said in a sad voice, "I really wanted to pretend that I dislike you, but I couldn't control myself to be good to you. Did you poison me?"

Caught off guard, Fiona was speechless for a moment, unable to utter a word.

"Fiona, I haven't had a chance, have I?" Ryan stared at her with burning eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Fiona lowered her head.

"I want you to tell me in person that you don't like me. Then I will give up." It was the first time that Ryan was so persistent. He insisted on adding salt to his wound by saying, "I will never badger you from now on."

Her eyes reddened. "I'm sure you'll find someone better in the future."

"Tell me, you don't like me." Said Ryan stubbornly, staring at her.

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