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   Chapter 125 Met Each Other For The First Time (Part Two)

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Wife? The corners of Fiona's mouth twitched slightly.

"Fiona is an excellent employee in our company. As the boss, I think highly of her," The smile on Charles's face disappeared, and he said politely but with some underlying meaning.

Speaking of admiring, it occurred to Spencer that they had attended the jewelry show in Fred. He got angry as soon as he thought of it.

"Mr. Charles. Fiona is good at writing and drawing. You should not arrange for her to go on business. " There was a hint of displeasure in his tone, but also a strong sense of order. "After all, she is just an intern."

Charles knew that he was implying something. He must have known that he had dinner with Fiona that night.

"As an intern, she needs more practice." "I will ask someone to take care of her when she goes on a business trip. You can rest assured, Mr. Spencer." Charles spoke as usual.

Damn it! How dare you win over me!

Anger rose in Spencer's heart all of a sudden, and he couldn't help cursing in his heart. When is it your turn to care about Fiona? How dare you hire someone to take care of Fiona!

Fiona could clearly feel the anger from him. They had just talked for a few words, but there was an argument between them.

"Oh, by the way!" At this time, Charles spoke again, "I wonder how is Celine now. I was so concerned about my brother that I didn't ask about Celine. Celine is an excellent designer in our company. I feel sorry for her! "

"It's none of your business." Spencer said coldly but didn't realize that Fiona's face had darkened with fury.

"Haha..." But Charles saw the expression on Fiona's face. He laughed and said deliberately, "That's right. Celine was injured because he wanted to save you. He was badly injured. He just came from the jaws of death. Of course Mr. Spencer you cared about her very much. The friendship between you is so moving. If you were not siblings, I'm afraid you would be a perfect match! "

Spencer pursed his lips tightly into a straight line and his brows were almost wrinkled into a frown. Yes, if they hadn't become sister and brother all of a sudden, he would have been together with Celine, while Fiona might be with Ryan.

"Mr. Spencer! Mr. Spencer! "

The patient's room was in silence. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door hurriedly outside. The person who knocked on the door was nervous. "Mr. Spencer, something bad happened! Miss Celine, she... "

"What's wrong with her? !" Spencer threw Fiona off and rushed to the door at lightning speed. Spencer was so nervous that his voice shakes

"She's not in a good condition. The doctor is doing first-aid."

"Celine Celine! " After hearing that, he pushed the man away at once and strode towards the intensive care unit. His boots stepped on the corridor, and the sounds seemed to make people anxious.

As Fiona

ays, but you didn't die either! " A long time ago, the words said by her aunt Jenny seemed to have been the same as what Spencer had said. "You are fated hard little fox essence, a pair of coquettish appearance, so young someone sends love letter to you. Bah! You are my nemesis! A jinx! "

Fiona opened her mouth, with tears in her eyes.

Standing far away from them, Charles clenched his fists tightly. He kept struggling and wandering. He was a little angry when he saw Fiona was insulted by Spencer like this. Obviously, he was fond of watching the fun!

He told himself that he would have no way back if he goes to take Fiona back, at least in his heart he had a weakness.

But before he made a final decision, the door of the ICU was slowly opened.

The only few minutes of rescue made several high-end doctors anxious with sweat on their faces. They came out in a hurry and said, "Mr. Spencer, the patient is all right!"

Spencer then let go of Fiona and turned around to face the doctor. With a cold breath still hanging on his body, he asked, "Is she really all right this time?! If she were to appear as she had just done, I would not spare you! "

"Yes, yes! I promise she'll be fine this time. " The doctor said.

"Humph!" After a short pause, he strode towards the ward.

"Mr. Spencer, you can't go inside now..."

"Fuck off!" Before the doctor could finish his words, Spencer got a cold glance at him and rushed into the ICU. The door slammed shut and everyone was stopped outside the ICU.

Before Fiona could recover from the pain, through the glass, she decadently saw that Spencer sat beside the bed, carefully holding Celine's hand, as if taking care of a treasure.


The only word left in her mind was to run away from Spencer. That was what she wanted to do the whole time. Now that Spencer did not let her go, she had no choice but to run away!

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