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   Chapter 121 The First Snow In Winter (Part Two)

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At the door of the ward, joy and happiness filled the air. Spencer turned to look at the cheerful Fiona, and found her smile very annoying.

In the surgery room, Ryan was pushed out of the operating room. Lying on the bed, he was in a coma with a transfusion bottle and his arm was wrapped with thick gauze.

But Celine surgery had to take a long time to be finished. At the same time, a few other people rushed to the hospital.

"Celine! My dear Celine! Alas, Someone cried before she arrived. It was Celine's mother, Anna as well as Ethan. Fiona was supposed to greet them.

"Sophia, you take Ryan to the ward first. I have to go there to have a talk with the elder." Fiona looked at Ryan.

"Okay." Sophia nodded and glanced at the other end of the ward. Looking at Ethan, Sophia recognized him at first glance. He was the father of Spencer. She asked secretly, "Is that Spencer's father?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded.

"Well, like father like son." Sophia praised in a low voice, "I'm sending Ryan to his ward now."

"Go ahead."

"Ahahah My poor daughter! " As soon as Anna arrived at the door of the operating room, she immediately burst into tears, with her tears flowing.

"Anna, it is my fault." With sadness all over Spencer's face, he added, "It's my fault. I didn't take good care of Celine."

"It's not your fault..." Sobbing, Anna waved her hands, out of breath.

Ethan patted Anna's shoulder to comfort her and asked Spencer, "What did the doctor say?"

"They haven't come out yet. But the best doctor has been transferred from the general hospital. There should be no problem. " Spencer was afraid that Anna couldn't stand the hit and fainted. That would be more troublesome.

"That's good." Ethan nodded.

But instead of looking at Spencer, Fiona greeted to them, "Hello, father, Anna."

Ethan turned to look at Fiona and asked concernedly, "How are you feeling, Fiona? Are you okay? "

"I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me." Fiona shook her head and said to Anna, "Anna, don't worry too much."

Anna choked with sobs and nodded. She had no strength to talk.

Spencer fixed his eyes on the door of the operating room but didn't look at Fiona.

For a moment, there was only silence in the corridor except Anna's sobs.

Standing there for a while, Fiona felt a little embarrassed. She stood with her back to Spencer and looked at Anna who was crying bitterly. She thought it was a little weird for her to wait for the operation to finish.

Before she could take steps and change her position, her arm was grabbed from behind. She froze and felt someone pulled her into a warm embrace.

"Where are you going? !" Sp

sleep, she felt a warm current coursing through his chest. She moved closer to his chest, like a lovely kitten.

Spencer's heart was filled with softness. He walked slowly towards Ethan and Anna with her in his arms.

"Has Fiona fallen asleep?" Ethan asked in a low voice.

"Yes." Spencer nodded. He looked at the woman in his arms and said, "I'll take her to some other place to have a rest."

"Go ahead." Ethan responded.

Under the nurse's guidance, he carried Fiona to a quiet ward.

The moment he put Fiona on the bed, he was a little reluctant to let her go. Looking around, he just wanted to find a stool and sit by the bed. An idea flashed in his mind and came up with a better idea.

He climbed onto the bed and lay down with Fiona in his arms. Just like what he had done in the hospital that night, he felt at ease only when he slept with Fiona in his arms. Even though he didn't do anything, he didn't need to do it thousands of times better than others.

"Fiona, Fiona..."

Spencer slowly called Fiona's name, unaware that his voice was so affectionate. He touched the short hair on Fiona's forehead and said gently and aggrievedly, "Can't you not care so much about Ryan? Although he saved you, if I were him, I would save you without hesitation! 'Fiona, why don't you take a look at me...' Don't say that you hate me. I can't stand it... "

Fiona was in a good dream and a faint smile appeared on her face.

It was as warm as spring in the room, but outside the window it was cold as all things had withered. On a winter night which was thousands of miles away from the starry sky, snowflakes flew in twos and threes from the sky, looking obscure and beautiful in the dim street lamps.

The first snow since winter came quietly in M City.

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