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   Chapter 120 The First Snow In Winter (Part One)

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The ambulance carrying Ryan and Celine reached the nearest hospital to the airport. The two were sent to the operating room.

Standing at the door of the operating room, Fiona felt a little relieved when she saw Ryan in a coma because of the fever was sent into the operating room.

"I warn you! Take out the bullets from her body! You can't make any mistake! "

Suddenly, there came a nervous and threatening voice from behind. Fiona turned around indifferently and saw that Spencer was grabbing the collar of a doctor, his eyes full of warning.

He was still so arrogant and domineering.

Caught off guard, Fiona sniffed scornfully. Bitterness filled her heart.

"Yes, yes!" The doctor nodded and pushed the operating table of Celine away.

Spencer was relieved and looked up, just looking into Fiona's eyes. Four eyes crossed, looking at each other for a long time. There was not much expression on their faces, nor did they want to say anything.

"Aren't you going to have a look?" Charles walked up to Fiona and said meaningfully, "I didn't expect to meet you on the same floor."

Taking back her eyes, Fiona looked up at Charles and said, "I won't go there. Besides Thank you for saving me in the airport. "

"Nothing." With a faint smile on his lips, Charles suddenly raised his hand and smoothed Fiona's disheveled hair. "I'm glad you're okay."

Out of the corner of his eye, Spencer saw this scene, and anger suddenly rose in his heart. blamed! Charles did have a plan for Fiona!

Spencer almost stared Charles's hand out of a hole. He was just about to run over and pulled Fiona back. But before he could do that, the door of the operating room where Celine was in was pushed open.

A doctor in white gown, with blood all over his hand, hurried out and came to Spencer's side. He said in trembling voice, "The bullets in the patient's arm are too close to her heart. It's life-threatening if we are careless. Please sign your name before we carry out the operation. "

"Crap!" Spencer cursed and he felt his heart hanging in the air, and he continued, "If you can't cure the patient, how can you be a doctor?"

"I..." The doctor was too frightened to say anything. At this moment, Eric came in ti

contact with her?

On the other side, Spencer felt his heart was like being frying in the frying pan, hurting. He felt pain because he was worried about Celine. No matter how, Celine had taken a bullet for him and saved his life. On the other side, it was because of Fiona.

Although he was standing at the door of the operating room of Celine, he couldn't help thinking of Fiona.

Seeing Fiona's head hanging, thin and thin body like autumn leaves, Spencer would like to come forward and hold her in his arms. Fiona has just finished her operation. Now she should be in the cultivation period. Today, such a terrible shooting happened. She should have a good rest from both physical and mental aspects. But his heart sank when he realized that Fiona was worrying about Ryan.

'Why could Fiona worry about Ryan? Why couldn't he worry about Celine? He not only had to worry about her, but also was very worried!

In a fit of pique, he sat on the iron bench.

After a long time, the sky outside the hospital gradually darkened and the sun began to set. The lights in the operation room of Ryan turned green. The operation was finally over! Feeling excited, Fiona and Sophia sat up at once. They rushed to the operating room and waited for Ryan to come out.

The door of the operating room was pushed open. The nurse walked out with a relaxed face, took off her mask and said, "The surgery is very successful."

"Phew That's great! "

"Thank God!"

"Thank you, doctor!"

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