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   Chapter 119 Airport Trouble (Part Two)

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Thinking of this, a complex emotion flashed through Charles's heart.

Why? Why did he stop the transaction as soon as he saw Fiona? Was he afraid that they might have a fight and hurt her? Why did he want to stop her when he saw Ryan holding her? And why did he drag Fiona to a safe place without a second thought? '?

At this time, Ryan and Sophia arrived. Noticing that Fiona was fine, they heaved a sigh of relief.

The relaxed expression on Ryan's face didn't escape Charles's eyes. He held Fiona tighter and pulled her closer to his chest to protect her.

"Spencer! Spencer! " In the center area of the hall where the fire occurred, Celine ran aimlessly, holding her head in her hands and shouting out the name of Spencer.

Spencer moved swiftly in the hall. If he didn't want to capture that woman alive, he would have shot. Now the situation was somewhat passive. "Spencer!"

After hearing the voice of Celine, he suddenly turned around and saw Celine running towards him, behind whom there were a group of armed men of X organization.

"Damn it!" Spencer cursed, "Get down! Don't run away! "

"Spencer! I'm so scared! " However, Celine was too frightened to hear anyone else. She just wanted to run to Spencer's side and ask him to protect herself.

"Damn it!" Spencer looked at the woman on the left who was going to leave, and then turned to look at Celine on the right. He ran in the direction of Celine as he killed the other two men.

At the other end of the hall, Eric wanted to rush over to catch people, but he saw that all the passengers at the airport were running this way, so he had to give up going forward, leaving behind to cover the innocent passengers.

"Spencer!" Celine run two steps and watched Spencer approached her, throwing herself into his arms.

With one hand on her waist, Spencer noticed that someone was raising a gun, so he squinted and shot at that person without hesitation.

"Are you all right?" He held her waist and ran towards somewhere that blocked their way.

"I..." Celine looked so sad that her makeup had been ruined by her tears. "I'm afraid..."

"It's okay." He patted her on the shoulder and led her behind a pillar. When he saw her crying, he suddenly felt very nervous and quickly asked, "Oh, Fiona! She stood with you just now. Where is she now?! Where is she? "

'Fiona! 'Fiona again!

"Do you still miss Fiona at this time?" Celine roared suddenly, "Can't you just care about me? If I was shot, would you... "

"Stop it!" He frowned and continued, "What's the situation now?! You discuss this with me? You will be fine. Everyone will be fine! '! Now, you stay here and don't move! Do you hear me?! "

Celine nodded her head immediately, "You should come back soon!"

"Yes." Spencer stared at the exit of the hall with his eagle like eyes. He was both angry and anxious when he saw the woman with drugs on her body leaving. He walked a few steps forward and suddenly stopped. Holding the gun in both hands, he pointed far at the heart on the woman's back. He closed his eyes, aimed at her and pulled the trigger.


The bullet pierced the chest and flew straight across the air.

The woman who held the little baby had held t

outed, "Ryan, are you ok?! Where is the doctor? Is there a doctor? Hurry up! "

Holding Celine in his arms, Spencer was shocked and he couldn't help but turning around to look at Fiona, who was just looked at Ryan anxiously and helplessly, tears rolling down her cheeks. Clenching his fists, he said to Eric said, "Let's go! Take Celine to the hospital! "

"But..." Eric looked at Fiona.

"I said let's go!" With a livid face, Spencer strode away.

"Spencer.." Celine, who was still in his arms, opened her mouth slowly I don't want to die... "

"Don't worry! You'll be fine! Don't worry. " Spencer became more anxious as his heart was hanging in his throat.

Hearing the heartbreaking voice of Spencer, "Celine", Fiona stood still when she heard that he was determined to leave. Seeing him gradually walking away, she felt bitter in her heart. Not until hearing Andrew's anxious voice did Fiona come to herself.

"Ryan! Ryan, are you okay? " Said Sophia, sobbing.

"Take him to the hospital!" They didn't know when Charles came back and felt relieved when he found that Fiona was fine. He crouched down and took the other side of Ryan's body and left the mess in the airport hall.

Outside the airport, the policemen were on duty. They had to put on full alert. Medical staff rushed into the hall to rescue the injured.

Ryan was also wheeled into the ambulance.

"Fiona..." With difficulty, Ryan reached out his hands and closed his eyes. His consciousness was a little vague.

"I'm here!" With a burst of tears, Fiona held his hand and replied, "Ryan, I am here."

"I'm happy to see you are fine."

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" Fiona nodded and got on the ambulance too. She said to the doctors, "Please drive the car as fast as you can!"

Inside another emergency vehicle, the doctor was giving a temporary first-aid to Celine. Hearing the voice of Fiona, Spencer bowed and got out of the car.

"Fiona..." As soon as he got off the car, he saw the door of the ambulance which Ryan was in was closed slowly. He saw that Fiona held Ryan's hand tightly and stopped talking.

But since he couldn't see Fiona, his heart sank.

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