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   Chapter 117 The Deal Will Be Cancelled At Once (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-18 00:12

"I know, Andrew."

In the monitoring room, Spencer stared at the entrance. When he suddenly saw the figure of Ryan, he shouted, "Stop!"

The surveillance video was suddenly stopped.

"Mr. Spencer, have you found anything?" The sub foreman to come up with excitement.

"No, I didn't." He pointed at the screen and said, "Go and check where the man called Ryan is going."

The sub foreman scratched his head and wondered why Mr. Spencer was so interested in a boy?

"Go on." Spencer waved his hand to the monitoring screen. Everything was fine.

Two minutes later, he saw two familiar figures walk into the airport hall in a row.

'Celine? Why was she here? She was followed by Charles?! Yes, he was the one who had dinner with Fiona!

When Spencer was racking his brain with his eyes fixed on each other, Charles suddenly raised his head and looked towards the camera. Through the monitor, Charles seemed to look at Spencer and smiled to him.

Spencer's heart skipped a beat. He looked at Charles and found that his eyes had drifted away. It seemed that he had mistaken what he just saw of Charles.

What happened today? Spencer furrowed his eyebrows.

"Mr. Spencer, we didn't see any suspicious passenger on the plane flying from J country."

At this moment, there was a sudden voice from the intercom. Spencer quickly came to himself and said, "Check other flights."

"Yes, sir!"

In the airport lobby, Charles found Ryan who was checking in at the first sight. He rushed to the register and called out, "Ryan!"

"Mr. Charles!" Andrew called him as he turned around.

Ryan looked back and saw him. He frowned and asked, "why are you here?"

"See you off, my dear brother." Charles smiled and seemed to sincerely say, "Our father doesn't have time to come, but as your brother, I have to come here."

"Thank you, Charles." Ryan glanced at Celine from time to time.

"Take care of yourself there. If you have any problem, remember to tell me. I will try my best to help you."

"Yes." There was no expression on Ryan's face, but

oked with sobs. "I hope you can study hard and come back as soon as possible. And, thank you for giving me the Teddy Bear. I like them very much. "

"I'm glad you like it." Ryan managed a weak smile. There were only two steps between him and Fiona, but after an hour, he would be thousands of meters away from her.

Unable to suppress his impulse anymore, Ryan stepped forward and held her in her arms. "Fiona..."

"Yes, I'm here." Fiona's eyes reddened. She rested her head on her neck and apologized, "I'm sorry, Ryan. You'll find someone better than me in the future. I'm sorry."

"I don't have such a good fortune." Feeling his nose blocked and his throat blocked, Ryan said, "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"So do you..."

The two made a "sweet" scene in the airport hall. Crossing her arms, Celine came forward with a look of bustle on her face, thinking that it would be wonderful if only Spencerwas here now!

Charles took back his phone and came over. When he saw the two people holding each other, he said in a low voice, "Put..."

"Let her go!"

At this time, another voice suddenly came from the other side. The voice was so cold and half angry that covered up what Charles wanted to say. All the people turned their heads and saw Spencer standing one meter away. He was like a devil from hell, and in his eyes, there was only one person, Fiona.

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