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   Chapter 113 It's Bad To Explain Everything (Part Two)

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"Why did you want to leave?" Ruby was shocked, "Mr. Spencer is really nice! He was so mature and nice to people. This is just an accident. Mrs. Cheng, why did you leave? Live a good life with Mr. Spencer. "

"I've discussed this with him before we got married. I must leave him." Without any change of expression on her face, Fiona continued, "He married me with hatred. We can't live like this for the rest of our lives. In fact, it's also good that the baby is gone... "


When Fiona finished, the door of the ward was kicked open. Both Fiona and Ruby turned to look at the door at the same time, and saw the devil like Spencer standing at the door, staring at Fiona.

"Mr. Spencer, what brings you here?" Ruby tried to break the ice.

"Ruby, please go out first." Spencer looked stern and stiff, and seemed to have been covered with a layer of shadow.

"What?" Ruby hesitated, but she couldn't disobey Mr. Spencer's order. She was in a dilemma.

"Ruby, you go out first." "I want to have a word with him. Sorry to trouble you, Ruby," said Fiona

Ruby sighed and shook her head, "Then I'll go out first."

The door was slammed shut with a click. Two people in the ward, one sitting on the bed and the other standing on the ground, were in a stalemate. Neither of them said a word.

There was a buzz in Spencer's mind. He just couldn't control himself when he thought of the words "the child is gone". He kicked the door open with his foot and walked in. He just wanted to sneak a look at her

"What did you mean by that?" If you don't give me an explanation, I... "Spencer asked

"What will you do?" Fiona raised her head and stared at him. "Kill me as well?" she asked with self mockery

Spencer's body froze and he responded, "Don't push me, Fiona! About the baby, I... " He gritted his teeth and didn't know how to continue.

"As for the children, that's it." Turning her head away from him, Fiona continued, "After thinking it over, you made a good decision. Kid is a burden to us. I don't want you to impose your hatred on kid Even if you don't abort this baby, I will abort it too. Maybe I should thank you. "

"Fiona..." After hearing what she said, Spencer shouted her name and then furiously and mournfully asked, "Are you crazy?! How could you be so cruel? You even want to kill your own child? "

"You did it, didn't you?" Fiona's eyes turned red. "I just have the same idea with you. If I'm cruel, then who are you? Spencer, I won't have your child. "

"Fiona!" He rushed to her and pressed his hand on her arm. "If you don't want my baby, who else can be your baby's father? Was that Ryan? Or Charles? "

Fiona's eyes widened. She stared at him with disbelief and asked, "Charles?! Spencer, what do you mean? "

"Don't you understand?" Suddenly, he took out his phone from his pocket and opened the a

been getting worse. Fiona said she hated him, hated him

The phone in his hand paused for a while before he picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Mr. Spencer, what took you so long to answer the phone? Didn't you say that you would have a video conference? Where are you? "

"Okay. Wait for a moment."

In the ward, while burying herself in the arms of the Teddy Bear, Fiona started to wail. She and Spencer still came to this point. It was an absolute opposite. There was no room for compromise.

In the tropical rain forest near the north border of T Country, there was a base with modern facilities complete and covered with a large village. The base was hidden in the dense rain forest. High-intensity training was with strong sense. The base was surrounded by electric iron networks. Someone was killed in three seconds as soon as it touched them. Guards would be on duty around the base 24 hours a day. There was a whistle at the entrance of the base, and the vehicles coming in and out had to go through a very rigorous inspection.

Everyone in the base was marked with a bright X red mark on their clothes and weapons. There was a large laboratory in the west of the base. People in white medical uniforms were frequently seen from outside, and this group of people was no exception. A big X mark was on their chest.

At this time, a young man was talking on the phone in the cheer room of the base residence.

"Sir, the EM medicine we tried last time has been completed in accordance with our client's demands. We don't know where the transaction place is, so we have arranged people to transfer the goods." The man said respectfully.

"The place..." The man on the other end of the line replied in a low voice, "in the international airport of M City in Friday afternoon. As for the specific hand over, you must ensure that this mission is successfully accomplished. "

"Yes! Sir! "

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