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   Chapter 101 Don't Mess With Fiona (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6173

Updated: 2020-02-14 21:08

Suddenly, Charles felt strangely warm of seeing that scene, especially in the cold winter.

"What are you looking at, Mr. Charles?" The beauty in the car like a water snake and put her arms around Charles.

"You can get off now." Charles suddenly opened his mouth.

"What?" The woman was stunned. "Are you kidding, Mr. Charles?"

"Do you think I was just kidding?" Charles bent over, hugged the beauty and kissed her face. "I'll see you tomorrow night. Now, you can go back! "

"I..." The beautiful girl looked out of the window at the cold weather and thought, 'If I go out, I'll freeze to death.' But when she looked up, she saw the cold eyes of Charles. She thought for a moment and decided to get out of the car! It's better to freeze to death than to be played with the boss!

"Mr. Charles, remember to come and see me tomorrow evening!" The lady kissed Charles back, opened the door and went out on her high heels.

Charles put his hand on the steering wheel, started the car and turned to the pavement.

While Fiona was walking, a car stopped in front of her and blocked her way. She couldn't open her eyes due to the lights.

Crack! ——

The car door opened. As soon as the sound of leather shoes dropping on the ground came through, Fiona raised her head and saw Charles. Her eyes blinked, "Mr. Charles?"

"Why do you have dinner so late?" Charles put his hands in his pockets casually, looking like a graceful gentleman.

"I I was too tired. I slept for a while before coming out. " Fiona replied frankly. She didn't want to completely trust Charles, but Charles seemed to be a thoughtful person who would be seen through if she lied.

"I didn't eat either." Charles stared at the noodles in her hand and suddenly said.

"Mr. Charles, if you want to eat something, just call your men and they will send the food at

"I'll take care of Fiona for you when we're out. Isn't it good to take care of her?"

"I don't need your help! Stay away from her! Come at me! " Said Ryan, holding the phone tightly. He didn't think Charles was kind to Fiona. He's so playful and cruel. Who knew what he wanted to do.

"That's exactly what I want!" Charles narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm telling you, don't covet the property of the Wen family. A bastard like you is lucky enough to have the current life. Between your family property and Fiona, you can only make a choice. "

Although what he said was unpleasant, Ryan finally understood his purpose and had a plan in his heart. He controlled his anger and said, "I don't want the property. I just want Fiona to be good. Don't mess with her anymore!"

"…… Okay, that's a deal. " Charles raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Then, dear brother, let's stop here for a while. After dinner, I will send Fiona back to the hotel."

Before Ryan could react, he hung up the phone.

He didn't think that Ryan was so in love with Fiona. Fiona, how charming you are!

The expression on Charles's face darkened. He stood still and looked at Fiona eating noodles through the misty window for a long time.

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