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   Chapter 100 Don't Mess With Fiona (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6242

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On the weekend, it was sunny but it still had the special coldness of winter. Outside the airport, Fiona got off the car with a small suitcase. She wore a simple pair of jeans and a white high necked sweater. Her hair was scattered on the ground. She looked simple but attractive.

Stepping into the hall of the airport, Fiona found a VIP lounge. As soon as she entered, she saw Charles.

Charles concealed the amazement in his heart and nodded slightly, seeming to understand why his dear brother Ryan would like her. Such a simple and pure girl made him feel comfortable. Charles was used to his life of luxury. He thought it would be nice to have a girl of this taste next time.

Meanwhile, Fiona looked around the VIP room, but didn't find Sophia. Not only that, but the other people behind Charles looked at her meaningfully. Their eyes were frightening.

"When will Sophia arrive?" Charles suddenly said, "It's time to board."

"I don't know." Fiona was a little anxious. She did not know the people here except Charles. "Sophia, come here quickly!"!

Talk of the devil and he comes. Although Sophia didn't come, she had given a call.

"Hello? Turning around, Fiona answered the phone, "Sophia, when will you arrive?"

"Ouch, Fiona!" "I'm sorry, but I can't go with you," said Sophia, wailing

"What's wrong?"

"My father said I hadn't been home for a long time and didn't allow me to leave this time." Sophia was angry and annoyed. "He lock me in my room. Not to mention that, he has taken all my IDS!"

"What should I do?"

"Leave me alone. Go by yourself! I'll call Charles later and ask him to take care of you! Although he is a playboy... "

The moment she finished speaking, Fiona's face darkened. There was always something wrong with Sophia's logic. She clearly knew that he was fickle, but she still asked him to take care of her.

the hotel with her luggage. As soon as she entered the hotel, she rushed into the bathroom. On the way to the hotel, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. When she went to the bathroom, she was sure that her period had come.

'It's not time yet. Is it because I am too tired recently?' she wondered.

When she came out of the bathroom, she felt so tired that she didn't want to move but fell asleep soon.

When she woke up again, it was ten o'clock.


She felt hungry and got out of the bed, getting ready to get out for food.

The city center was a place of debauchery, but Fiona was not interested in it at all. She just wanted to find a small place to buy dinner. Walking along the road, she finally found a restaurant on the street.

Rubbing her ears which were a little red from cold, Fiona trotted into a pastry shop. She ordered some noodles and took them away.

On the other side, Charles got out of the welcome banquet early. He drove to the hotel with the sexy beauties.

Near the hotel, in front of a traffic light intersection, the car stopped and waited for the green light to pass. Charles turned around to find Fiona on the sidewalk. She was carrying a small bag in which there was steaming noodles.

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