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   Chapter 99 Only I Don't Matter (Part Two)

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Celine felt the warmth from Charles's hand and trembled. In order to get the places to participate in the competition and win the prize, she had no choice but to sell her body. But later, she slowly got used to such a life, because she was in a foreign country and with the protection of Charles, she lived a good life. But Charles was a field playing juggler. There was no way out for her except being his mistress. Her youth had an end. She had to go back and win the heart of Spencer, the powerful and one-sided man.

But now she was in another trouble. Spencer didn't treat her as well as before. Charles even drew a demarcation line with her.

"You can go now!" Charles snorted.

"No, I won't." All of a sudden, Celine came to her senses. She turned around, jumped into Charles's arms and drew circles on his chest. "I'm free tonight."

Charles didn't move. He stood still and let Celine do whatever she liked. Celine was relieved for a moment. 'It seems that she still has a chance!'! So she worked harder

"Celine," All of a sudden, Charles grabbed her hand and looked down at her. "I told you that you won't have any chance to sleep with me anymore? What are you doing now? "

"I..." Hearing what Charles said, Celine was speechless for a while. Then she rolled her eyes and said in an enchanting and wronged tone, "I said those words without thinking. Charles, could you please forgive me for once?"

"Beg me?" Charles raised his eyebrows, looking evil and cold.

Celine's face turned pale. Seeing her expression, Charles hummed and walked towards the door.

"Please don't go!" Celine held Charles and said hurriedly, "Please! I beg you! I beg you! "

All of a sudden, Celine realized something, she couldn't let Charles go! He was her immediate superior, and a lot of her things have to go through his hands. She needed his help.

After they finished, Celine was lying in Charles' arms, her eyes were soft as silk, said, "I want to go to the jewelry show this time, okay?"

"Okay." Charles casually nodded and said, "There will be half a month for the jewelry show. You can go anywhere you want."

"Charles, you are so nice to me!" Smiling, Celine kissed Charles on his forehead and asked, "Then what about Fiona, can't she go there?"

"Her?" Charles raised his eyebrows and asked, "How's the relationship between she and Spencer going recently?"

Celine narrowed her eyes and snorted, "That's it. After all, they are a couple. How could I know?"

"That means you didn't do enough." Charles touched the cigarette in his pocket and said, "If you had the ability, you would have won Spencer's heart and you woul

hing is important except me, right? You don't care whom I am staying with, and you don't care if I can't go back home on weekend! 'Fiona! You can go if you want! I won't care about you any more. Don't call me again! "

Beep beep beep——

The call was suddenly hung up by Spencer. Fiona was stunned and did not have time to carefully think about the meaning of his words. Then she called him back.

"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not connected at the moment..."


The phone kept ringing, and Spencer stood up and walked out irritably.

"Mr. Spencer." Johnson who had been waiting outside bowed as soon as he saw him, "Mr. Spencer, are you going back to rest?"

"Take out the punching bag. I want to go jogging." He was standing at the door, giving off a cold air.

"…… Yes! "

On the big playground in the late winter night, there was only Spencer running alone. He was carrying a sandbag on his feet and running on the track endlessly.

No one in the world was more annoying than Fiona! Stubborn girl!

Sweat trickled down his forehead as he ran. At the thought of Fiona's attitude of "don't care, just be hostile" to himself, he felt sick and short of breath! Since he didn't make trouble for Fiona, why was she so stubborn?! What else could he do to satisfy her! 'Am I really dispensable in her heart?'?

On the other end of the line, Fiona called him several times, but no one answered. Knowing that it was late, she turned around and went back to her dormitory.

It was still twenty days away from the New year's Day, which was also like the day of Spencer's birthday. She tried her best to design the gift for him and then found a place to make the product for him. She hoped that he would not be so angry.

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