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   Chapter 98 Only I Don't Matter (Part One)

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Fiona obviously felt the same weight of pressure from Charles as Spencer, but she could only say: "The proportion of diamonds on the diamond ring does not match with that on the ring in this jewelry set of U Goddess theme series. If we make the diamond ring according to the design drawing on the document, the diamond will be changed into three carats, which will cause serious damage to the company losses. Besides, it might affect the shape of the ring. "

Hearing that, Charles nodded slightly. "Very good, very acute observation. A professional designer needs this kind of sensitivity."

"Thank you, manager." Fiona nodded.

It took Sophia a while to come to her senses. She poked Fiona's waist and snickered, "Charles usually don't praise people. You are so cool! In my opinion, you can work in the company directly not even graduate! "

Sophia's voice was not loud, but loud enough to be heard in the meeting room where only the three of them were present. With a guilty conscience, Fiona took a stealthy glance at the woman. She saw a faint smile on the corner of Charles's mouth, as if he was not blaming her. It was not until then that Fiona breathed a sigh of relief and gave a gesture to Sophia to indicated her to be quiet.

"Manager! Manager!"

Just when they were talking, the door of the conference room was pushed open from the outside. Allen Du, the design director, came to Charles in a cold sweat. He was a senior who was a few years older than Charles, but Allen said respectfully and gingerly, "I've heard I heard that the design is wrong I... "


Hearing Allen's words, Charles immediately picked up a folder from the desk nearby and threw it in front of him. The smile on his face was replaced by a fierce look. "Look for yourself! Why did make such a stupid mistake?! The formal meeting is about to start. How do you want to fix it? Hmm? "

Allen wiped the sweat on his head and hurriedly said, "I I'll take back the papers and have them redone. "

"Are you redecorating? Hmm? " Charles frowned, "The drawing has been sent to the factory. Where did you go?! Where did they get the gem of this winter jewelry show? You are very clear about the price. And I don't want such a low-level mistake to happen again!

with a faint smile. "You mean Fiona?"

"Yes." Celine nodded and said, "I think it is totally a waste for her to go to the jewelry show."

"Haha..." Leaning heavily against the back of the chair, Charles said with a touch of irony in his eyes, "Why are you so against Fiona? Do you do it because of your personal affairs? You look so jealous. You can't hide it from me. "

"Jealous? !" Hearing this, Celine was so angry that she gritted her teeth. "Why am I jealous of her?"

"You're jealous of her youth, for she had got married to Spencer. You're so jealous of..." Then Charles suddenly sat up from the chair, walked around to the back of Celine and said in a bewitching tone, "You're so jealous that she will surpass you in jewelry design someday. Are you not worried about them? Hmm? "

Celine's heart jolted. What Charles said just poked her right in the heart. She's jealous Fiona. She's going crazy! Six years later, she came back. She had known everything, but she didn't expect that a girl named Fiona would ruin all her pride!

As Charles sensed that Celine was getting more and more furious, a cold smile played on her lips. "I can help you solve something Such as give you the quota of this jewelry exhibition, and introduce you designs. In the past, you couldn't wait to have sex with me. " Charles put his hand on Celine's shoulder and continued, "How did you get the silver award for the unique technological process and design competition in B country? Don't you forget it?"

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