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   Chapter 97 Leona's punishment (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10030

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"About Leona The things have been resolved. Don't contact with her any more. " Ryan looked at her and continued, "Although Leona did many things wrong, she has suffered a lot. Though the post on the forum made her a little unbearable, it was better than sending her to prison. Do you still care about other things? "Fiona

And Fiona fixed her eyes on Ryan with fire burning in her eyes. It was indeed Ryan did so many things for her!

"Ryan, thank you for helping me out. It would be the best result for both of us. I have nothing to look into. " Fiona smiled, "Thank you, Ryan."

"No, it's not me..." Ryan opened his mouth and was about to explain, but his heart sank when he saw the gratitude in Fiona's eyes. He said, "You're welcome. Because Leona also posed a threat to my interests. So it's nothing a big deal that she now has such a bad fame."


"Oh my God. Class begins now." Since it was a little late, Sophia realized that they had to leave now. She grabbed Fiona's hand and said, "Can we talk some other day, Ryan?"

"Fiona's foot was injured. Be careful!"

"Okay, I know!"

Looking at Sophia, Ryan shook his head with a smile. Then she looked at Fiona, and his eyes were covered with a layer of shadow.

'I'm sorry, Fiona, I didn't tell you the truth, ' he apologized inside. As a matter of fact, I have asked people to look into the event on the forum. Although the wire puller hasn't been found out who did that, all the evidences are pointing to Spencer. Since you don't know who helped you, and you have thanked me, that's it! Because when it comes to you, I'm more selfish than anyone else. I'm okay if I can be so selfish to get your gratitude.

In the afternoon, the announcement column of D University and the school website were all published the results of Leona's dismissal. They were told that Leona was fired because of her serious disorder of the school's discipline and causing a very bad impact on the school's reputation, but the students all knew what had happened exactly.

It took only a week for the school to deal with Leona's matter, but now it was over.

There was no figure of Leona in the D University. Many people who love gossiping were anxiously waiting for Leona to come back to pack up, so that they can ridicule her. However, they did not see her.

Fiona wanted to say something to Leona, but she didn't have the chance. She wanted to let Leona live a good life. She wanted to tell Leona that the Ryan belonged to nobody.

If she could see Leona again, she hoped that everything would be fine with her.

Since Fiona's foot was recovering quickly, she could walk normally in only a week.

By the end of the year, there were a lot of things to do in the company. It was said that Sophia was assigned by Jason and Celine to do everything for them. Fiona felt sorry for her and went to the company on weekend.

In the design department of the building of the ZR Company.

"Fiona, put these documents in front of

ning? He is totally different from Ryan!

Ignoring their greeting, Charles said to them coldly, "Take her away!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Manager! I was wrong! Just give me one more chance! " The girl shouted and left in the hallway.

Charles turned to look at Celine. When he saw the document in Celine's hand, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Celine, will you take part in the meeting? What are you doing with the documents? "

"Well, this one..." Celine was stunned, "I just found there was something wrong with the design drawing, so..."

"Who found it?"

"I find that..."

"It's Fiona!" Sophia interrupted her, "It's Fiona. She found it out and told it to Celine."

"Really?" With interest, Charles looked at Fiona and asked, "Did you find it out?"

Fiona was a little uneasy under Charles's gaze. She could do nothing but nod.

"What's wrong?" With his left hand in his pocket, Charles walked into the meeting room and stopped in front of Fiona.

Clenching her hands, Celine huffed, "This ring..."

"I don't let you say it!" Charles glared at Celine and shouted, "Call your design director up!"

"…… Yes. " Celine replied reluctantly, stamped her foot and left the meeting room.

Watching Celine's receding figure, Sophia was in a good mood. She thought, 'You bad woman. Do you still want to get credit in front of Charles? Shit! Charles attached great importance to the ability of a person. Such a great opportunity could not be taken away by you!

"Haha..." With a smug smile on her face, Sophia thought of something all of a sudden. She had given Celine a call since Fiona disappeared in Maple Mountain. Celine had told her that she couldn't contact with Spencer, but Spencer had been there when she called her several minutes later! What was going on? Why did Celine hide it from her?

"Damn it!" Suddenly, something occurred to Sophia. She cursed under her breath, "Celine is trying to kill Fiona, preventing her from being saved by Spencer! What a vicious woman! "

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