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   Chapter 96 Leona's punishment (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7415

Updated: 2020-02-13 15:38

"Fiona." Terence blinked his eyes and said in a calm voice, "When her parents died on the same day, she was not a happy little girl but an orphan who lived under other people's roof. Do you know how miserable she is? Leona has been suffering from the beginning. While Fiona is different. It's not easy for her. "

Hearing that, Spencer was silent. It was not until Terence patted him on the shoulder that he pulled his hand away in anger and said, "Every time I meet you, you speak well of Fiona. How good is she? Since you care about her so much, I will give her to you. "

Hearing his question, Terence was stunned for a second. Then he pursed his lips and snickered. The smile disappeared in an instant. He immediately pretended to be serious and said to Spencer, "Okay."

"What?" Spencer turned around and couldn't believe his ears.

"Aren't you going to give me Fiona? I accept it! " Terence raised his eyebrows and slightly smiled. "Fiona is beautiful, has a good personality and a lot of talents. How can I find such a good girl? You don't have to force yourself to love her. She will be much popular if I introduce her to others. Otherwise, if I give Fiona to Ryan, he will treat her like the most precious treasure. "

"No way!" Spencer answered without thinking.

"You said so."

"Who said that? !" Spencer glared at Terence.

"Haha..." When Terence laughed, Spencer immediately noticed the embarrassing look in his eyes, he understood clearly and hurriedly explained, "I mean I mean, I haven't settled accounts with her yet! Why would I let her go? She wants to find Ryan. I won't allow it! "

"When will you give up? I can take over here. "

"I..." Totally rendered speechless, Spencer tried to hide his guilt with even a louder voice, "Terence, you're so annoying! I'm here to have a drink with you, not to talk about these affairs with you! Drink! "

"What would you like to drink?"


Terence shook his head helplessly. "Wait for a moment. Actually you can't drink here... "

"Fuck off!" He urged Terence to take the wine.

Spencer was really fond of drinking, and every time he drank, the smell of alcohol in the room filled the smell of tea. Taking a sip of wine, Ter

thinking for a while, she shook her head and said, "Since everyone knows it, I will say it openly. Leona worked in a bar. Someone slept with her. "

"What?" "By... By who?" Fiona asked, covering her mouth with her hand all of a sudden

"I don't know. The picture is blurry." Shaking her head, Sophia continued, "We can only see the front face of Leona. The man next to her is an old bald man with beer belly. We only see one fat man's back. And a tall, thin man was holding her in his arms Well, I will show you directly! "

Then she took out her phone, turned to the page and showed it to Fiona.

Frowning, Fiona read the news. Leona went out with several men unexpectedly. Who had dug out so many 'secrets' of her?

"Fiona! Sophia! "

When the two walked to the teaching building, Ryan also came from the dormitory with books in his arms. He saw them and greeted them from a distance.

"Ryan!" Sophia waved her hand.

When Fiona saw Ryan, she was shocked and a doubt flashed through her mind. Did Ryan leak out the things about Leona on the forum?

"How is your foot, Fiona?" Ryan's eyes were glued to Fiona.

"It's okay." Fiona shook her head and smiled, "It's all right. It's getting better soon. Thanks for your concern. "

"Nothing." There was a hint of bitterness behind Ryan's smile, but he tried his best to put a restraint on it. In fact, he wanted to ask something about Spencer, but he was afraid that he would collapse when he heard the answer.

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