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   Chapter 95 Get Out From Her Room (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10134

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"I am a little girl!" Celine moved closer to Spencer.

"Have you taken medicine?"

"No, I haven't."

"Why don't you eat?" Said Spencer with a frown.

"The medicine is too bitter. I don't want to eat it." As soon as she finished her words, Celine rolled her eyes and added, "Spencer, do you still remember that I didn't want to take medicine in the past? How did you feed me the medicine?"

"No, I don't," Spencer answered quickly but his heart beating fast.

"You are lying!" Suddenly, Celine grabbed his arm and said, "You put the medicine in your own mouth and then feed it to me. She chuckled and then continued I loved making fun of you. After taking the medicine, I kissed you on purpose, which made you blush immediately! "

After hearing her words, Spencer's face turned a little red. At the beginning, it seemed that Spencer really didn't understand anything. All the things about men and women were taught to him by Celine. It was also Celine who kissed him first. But now, Why is he so eager for Fiona'? 'Is it because he hasn't touched a woman in so many years?

Looking at the absent-minded look on Spencer's face, Celine cracked a lovely smile and rested her head on Spencer's shoulder. "Honey, I got a fever. I'm feeling bad. Can you stay here and sleep with me tonight?"

As soon as Celine's hand touched his body, he felt his whole body become a little numb and limp. He was stunned for a second before he came to his senses. He immediately pushed Celine away and shouted, "Are you crazy?"

"Am I crazy?" Celine raised her head and cracked a smile which was worse than her crying face. She said, "I haven't seen you for six years. Since I came back, we barely got along with each other. We even didn't spend three minutes together! Are you really You don't miss me at all? Do you really forget our past? Why are you so cold to me? "

"This is the Cheng family's house!" "We were at Cheng family. We didn't have a past." Spencer added, gritting his teeth

"What's wrong with the Cheng family?" With a sarcastic smile on her lips, Celine asked, "Should I be happy or sad for you, Spencer? You will be afraid of being seen by others if we are alone with each other. Does this mean that you haven't forgotten me? Don't you forget our relationship? "

"Stop it." Spencer clenched his fists and continued, "From the moment you left M City and got on the plane six years ago, our relationship was confined to sister and brother."

"No way! I was forced to leave! " Celine roared, "We started first! Your father and my mother got together with each other through the blind date But we are different! 'Spencer, I don't ask for the status, as long as you still like me, it's enough!'! You can take me to your place We will never come back, okay? "

"You have a fever. You are talking nonsense now." Spencer frowned and said, "I'm just here to see how you are now. It's getting late and I should go. Have a good rest. "

"Spencer! Spencer! " Holding him from behind, Celine pressed her head against his

temperature of his hand was so low that it made Fiona felt uncomfortable.

"Let me go..."

"No way!"

When Spencer looked at Fiona, all he thought about was her. Even if he closed his eyes, the phantom in front of him is Fiona. 'Fiona! Do you know you almost drive me crazy?! Are you so disgusted with my business? You even don't want to know or feel anything about me? Things shouldn't be like this. It should be I hate you!


Spencer clenched his fist and punched her on the other side of the bed. His body was tense. Suddenly he let go of her and got out of bed, walking towards the door. The door was shut with a big bang.

Leaning against the bed, Fiona gasped for air. She was irritated and thought to herself, 'You are too impulsive today! How did it come to this?

At the SL Bar.

When Spencer arrived at the innermost private room on the second floor, with the scent of tea, he kicked the door open. His face was as cold as Shura's.

"The door is open. You don't have to kick it." Raising his eyebrows, Terence stared at Spencer without any change and asked, "Tell me, why did you suffer from injustice again from Fiona?"

"I'm not wronged by her!" After entering the room, Spencer narrowed his eyes dangerously, leaned his tall body into the sofa and said, "Don't mention Fiona to me again!"

"Then even don't care about Leona?" Asked Terence.

When he heard this, the expression on his face immediately changed. He snorted and said, "I've always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. Of course, I have to care about Leona's affair. I guess we'll have a result very soon. Just hand it to the school!"

"You don't hand her over to the police?"

"Forget it. She is poor, too." Spencer furrowed his brows and continued, "She lost her father when she was very young, she also lived a hard life."

"I know a person whose life is harder than hers." Said Terence with a vacant look on his face.

"Who?" Spencer turned to look at Terence and asked.


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