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   Chapter 93 The Legend Of Maple Leaves (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10050

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:12

"Ryan..." When Leona saw the figure of Ryan, her eyes suddenly brightened and her tears stopped. But when she saw his expression, she felt guilty and shrank her body.

Yesterday, she heard the call from Fiona on the mountain. Ryan had already known that she cheated him that night in the bar.

"Who is the father?" Ryan stepped forward and said coldly to Leona.

Leona was frightened to step back, "You Why did you... "

"I've already been to the clinic." Ryan snorted, "Do you think I will still be kept in the dark like that night in the bar? If I didn't find out the truth, would you still put the baby thing on me?! Don't you? "

Leona trembled her lips and her face became more pale. Hesitating for a while, Ryan spoke again, "Leona, do you know how much I hate you?! If I had known that things would go on like this, I would never have saved you on the road! You are not only self depraved, but also hurt others! "

When Ryan shouted at Leona on the road, she had already burst into tears regardless of her image.

"You almost killed Fiona! Do you know? !" Looking at her crying, Ryan was more angry. "You pushed her down the mountain and you had a child with immoral people. What right do you have to cry? It was Fiona's turn to cry! I'm the one I should cry! I saved you, but caused me in trouble! My life, my love have been ruined by you! "

"Hahaha..." Leona gave out a sad laugh, she shook her body and said with tears on her face, "If so, why do you still come to me? Kill me! "

"Do you think I don't want to do that? !" Clenching his fists tightly, the injured blue veins jumped out on his temples. "But it's not what Fiona wants me to do."

"Fiona! 'Fiona! "Fiona!" With red eyes, Leona suddenly bellowed, "It's Fiona again! She's everywhere! Was she that good? You didn't even look at me! I drugged you in the bar, but you are still missing her! You embraced me, but you called her name! Do you know how much it hurts for me? "

"Heartbroken?" Ryan laughed at herself, "You started it! If you didn't drug me, I wouldn't even touch you! I called her name because I like her! And that person will never be you! "

"Yes!" Leona opened her eyes wide and her small body seemed to be torn apart. The corners of her mouth curved into a strange arc. "Later I saw Fiona rushed in and saw her injured eyes. I felt that it was worth it! Haha... "

"Leona, you lead a dissolute life and you are such a vicious woman. You will definitely come to no good end." Looking at Leona who was almost driven crazy, Ryan held back his anger, turned around and walked to the car. He took one second to open the car door and said, "I will find a legal solution to let you pay for your wrong behavior. Tonight is just a warning. From now on, I don't want to see you anymore. "

The car door was slammed shut by Ryan with no mercy.

"Ryan! Ryan! " Looking at the car running away, Leona chased it a few steps but could not catch up. She squatted down on the ground all of a sudden and cried with

y don't he wait for you to go back together today? "

Fiona blushed and felt guilty when she heard what Ella said.

"I don't think so. I'll go back with Fiona!" "Let's have breakfast!" Sophia said and put the breakfast in front of Fiona.


Ella raised her eyebrows. She picked up the sketch book on the bedside table, flipped it over and said, "Yo, Fiona, you look very mature. You are as childish as the other girls in our class. You should believe this!"

"What?" Fiona was utterly confused about what she heard. "What do I believe?"

"Look!" Ella took out a piece of maple leaf from the sketch book and shook it, "This one!"

"A maple leaf!" Fiona tilted her head and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The legend of the maple leaves!" Sophia interrupted them and said hurriedly, "It's said that the person who received the maple leaf before it fell would be lucky. What's more, if the people who love each other together see the maple leaves fall down, they will stay together forever! "

The maple leaves fall down? Together Forever?

Fiona's eyes were instantly fixed on the leaf. On the huge stone, Spencer was lying, while she was sitting. The scene that they looked at the maple leaves together falling was flashing through her mind again and again.

She didn't expect that she would do such a romantic thing with Spencer unexpectedly! But would it still be so wonderful if two people who didn't love each other watched the maple leaves together?

"It's just a legend," Ella replied, pursing her lips. She then put the leaves back to the sketch book and continued, "I don't think Fiona is interested in such kind of unreasonable things, am I right?"

"What? …… Yes. " Fiona nodded, but her heart began to race. It seemed that she knew what to do with the birthday gift that Spencer asked for?

"Ah, Fiona, what are you thinking about? Have breakfast now! You look thinner these two days! " Noticing that Fiona was in a daze, Sophia said hurriedly.

"Okay, I'm eating,"

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