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   Chapter 92 The Legend Of Maple Leaves (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7330

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

It was at night in the Maple Mountain scenic spot.

They spent the whole day sketching and enjoying the scenery in the secluded place. Spencer's cell phone was put in the room to charge for the whole day. As soon as they got back to the room, Spencer couldn't wait to pick up the phone.

Beep, beep, beep

"Hello?" Terence's smiling voice came from the other end of the line. "How is it going, Spencer? Does it feel good to be a hero to save the beauty? "

"What hero?" Spencer was stunned.

"Well, Hero Spencer!" Terence smiled and said, "I heard that something happened to Fiona in Maple Mountain, so you rushed there right away. I think you've got the honor of" hero ". How's Fiona's foot? Is it getting better? "

"Damn it You big fox! " Spencer sighed, "I know I can't hide anything from you!"

"Haha!" Terence smiled, "Why are you calling me at this hour?"

"I have something to ask you." Spencer's smile vanished into thin air as he said, "I just want to ask something about Leona. Didn't you say that she works in your bar? How is she recently? "

"Ask her? What are you doing? "

"This little girl is terrible," said Spencer sarcastically. "She pushed Fiona down the mountain. I have to find a way to teach her a lesson!"

"How?" Terence raised his eyebrows and teased, "You are a man. Don't be angry with a little girl."

"Am I wrong?" Spencer roared, "She has attempted murder! You can't be lenient to such a person. Otherwise, she might become a big trouble! "

"That makes sense." Terence nodded. "Well, do you want me to teach her a lesson for you?"

"That's not necessary." Spencer narrowed his eyes and added, "You just need to watch over her for a few days. Don't let her escape. It would be great if you could come up with some method to ruin her reputation! I won't let her continue studying in D University! "

"I understand."

"Spencer! I'm finished! "

The moment Terence finished his words, he heard the vague voice from the other end of the phone and immediately got interested. He asked, "Where is Fiona? What does she mean? "

"What's the meaning of your gossip?! Do as I said! Bye! " Spencer then hung up the phone ruthlessly.


ur hospital in a hurry yesterday afternoon. She was pregnant, and the baby was only one month old. She had an abortion this morning, and she just left! If you want to catch her, you can do it! "

Looking at the "Leona" on the record, Ryan's face darkened. He pursed his lips and strode away.

Stepping out of the clinic, Ryan got on the car with a slight anger. "Andrew, catch up with Leona!"

"Yes, Mr. Ryan." Andrew responded and started the car. Like an arrow off the string, the car drove across the desolate night and into the distance.

On the Binhai Avenue, Leona walked along the road lonely, tears dropping down from her face. She covered her lower abdomen, which was still painful by now, and her eyes were burning with tears.

Why did her life become like this?

She looked at her hands with her teary eyes. It was these hands that she used to draw and create dreams. But it was yesterday that she shoved Fiona down the mountain with her hands. If something happened to Fiona, she would be a murderer! And today, she really became a 'murderer', and killed her child in her own abdomen! Because she didn't know who was the child's father, Mr. Zhang? Mr. Li? Mr. Wang? She didn't know. She knew nothing!

With a squeak——

A sharp sound of brake sounded close to her ear. When she came to her senses, she saw Ryan get out of the car. With a cold atmosphere on his originally gentle face, Ryan walked up to Leona and stood in front of her.

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