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   Chapter 91 Take You Out To Sketch

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"Are you hungry?" Her words slightly appeased Spencer's anger, and he gave a snort of contempt. Still with a stubborn look on his face, he said stubbornly, "Have dinner if you're hungry."

Raising her eyebrows, Fiona tried to sit up on the bed supporting her arms with her hands. She sighed in her heart, 'Alas! During the whole process, I have been busy moving from bed to bed, from bed to table. I'm more active than when my feet are not injured.'.

With his hands on his hips, Spencer stared coldly at her. He frowned at the sight of her limping, and strode over to lift her up.

"Alas..." Fiona shouted, who was almost getting used to the unexpected hug.

Holding Fiona in his arms, Spencer walked to the table and stopped. "Fiona."


"You are a married woman. Don't be carried around by other man. Don't you know that people nowadays like gossiping?" Spencer glared at her and raged.


"You what?" He snorted, "Did you hear that?"

Fiona's eyes sparkled with excitement. Staring at him, she suddenly had an idea. 'Is he jealous?! Was he jealous of her? Was he jealous of Ryan?

Noticing that Fiona was in a daze, Spencer frowned and asked, "Did you hear me?"

"What? …… Yes, I did. " Hearing that, Fiona came to herself in a hurry. She felt embarrassed and guilty. With a smile on her face, she laughed at herself, thinking, 'How could he be jealous? He's just too arrogant. What he does is domineering and arbitrary, making others think that he's a hypocrite.

It must be so!

During the meal, Fiona was almost full. She had to speak to Spencer to disturb his thoughts. She asked, "When will you leave?"

"Are you leaving?" Raising his head, Spencer asked.

"I have to work on sketching. Although my feet were injured, I can do painting in the room. Besides, the sketch can get credit so I can't leave." Fiona shook her head firmly.

"Then I won't go either."

"What about your business?"

"I finished what I wanted to do last month. So I feel a little relaxed now. It doesn't matter if I don't go for three days."

"A month?" Fiona muttered, then she suddenly realized something and nodded, "You have been working in the base for a month."

"You..." After Spencer heard Fiona's words, he was suddenly at a loss for words. 'This little girl is really indifferent to me. She even doesn't know how long I have left her!' he thought! Damn it! To release his anger, he threw away the chopsticks and said, "When I'm at work, you must send me a message, and call me every other day."



As soon as Fiona wanted to refute him, she remembered her mobile phone that had been thrown down the mountain. She bit her lips and said in an aggrieved tone, "The mobile phone was thrown away by Leona."

"Fine, just let it go." "I'll change your phone when we get back," Spencer said casually

"No, thanks." Fiona waved her hand and said, "I can buy it myself."

"What kind of good products can you buy?" He frowned and said, "You don't need to worry about the phone."

"…… Oh. "

Seeing that Fiona nod

plied gently, "In seclusion?"


Raising her eyebrows, Fiona joked, "I thought you would devote yourself to the world. Why are you thinking of retreating so soon?"

There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. "When you were young, you had to work for the country. When you were old, you would live a simple life. The two of you went to work day and night, and the life was simple and warm."

"This is not easy for Mr. Spencer to hold such affection!" With a faint smile, Fiona didn't stop what she was doing. A piece of maple leaves formed under her hand vividly.

All of a sudden, Spencer wished the future could come as soon as possible. He turned over and lay on his side, supporting his head with his hand, staring at Fiona and said, "At that time, I will find a place with mountains and rivers and make a house for myself. I can use the hunting gun to get some pheasants and roast them for you when I am free. And you can work at the laundry station and cook. Of course, you can draw the mountains and draw water to cultivate yourself! What do you think? "

"Sounds great." Hearing this, Fiona stopped drawing. She turned her head with a smile. But the moment she saw Spencer, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

How could she and Spencer have a future?

"What's wrong?" Spencer was aware of the change of her expression.


She wanted to ask him something, but she finally didn't ask him. She looked away and said, "The wind is rising."

Following Fiona's eyes, he looked into the distance and saw the maple leaves rustling in the autumn wind, like a red rain.

They sat on a giant rock and observed the fiery red maple leaves quietly for a long time.

Suddenly, a red leaf fell from the tree behind them like a tornado. It fell towards them and was caught by Spencer.

"Here you are." Passing the leaf to Fiona, Spencer said in a somewhat childish way, "Look at this leaf. It's so beautiful. It's a souvenir for you."

Lowering her head, Fiona smiled, "Thank you, Mr. Spencer."

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