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   Chapter 89 Sweet Time

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Spencer then hurriedly ran into the bathroom to take a shower. It was in November, he switched the water temperature to a very low temperature. Only a cool water sprinkled on his body could slightly smooth his hot heart.

'Leona, Leona...'

When he thought of Leona, his eyebrows furrowed deeply. When he was a drillmaster in D University, he had thought that this little girl was quiet and abnormal. Now he thought back, is there something wrong with her spirit? And she want to kill Fiona? How dare she?! No one could bully Fiona except him! He decided to go to find Leona tomorrow!

After having a shower, he walked out of the bathroom. On the other side, Fiona was curled up on the bed asleep like a kitten. Her breath was almost invisible, and her chest was heaving slightly. She was lovely in every angle.

Standing beside the bed, Spencer let out a deep breath. Crouching down quietly, he took the medicine box and started to dress Fiona's wounds.

There were wounds on her arms, back and legs. It was already very lucky that she wasn't injured after she was pushed down from that height!

"Well..." A sudden coolness swept over her legs. In her dream, Fiona let out a little groan, either due to pain or comfort. When Spencer was about to laugh, he heard that her tone had changed as she spoke. She trembled slightly and sobbed, "Don't come over She cried

"Fiona..." He then quickly sat on the edge of the bed and gently pushed her body, asking, "Did you have a nightmare? It's okay now. Don't cry. Good girl, don't cry. "

Hearing the voice, Fiona suddenly opened her eyes. The fear in her eyes had not yet recovered. After her eyes were focused, she saw Spencer. She grabbed the hem of his clothes nervously and asked for help, "I had a nightmare just now."

"You are fine now." Spencer then patted her head to comfort her, "Sit down. There is a wound that hasn't been treated yet."

Sitting straight obediently, Fiona looked at his arm and asked, "How's your injury?"

"I'm fine." While helping Fiona with her wound, he said, "When your foot gets better, let me teach you how to use a gun."

"Gun? !" Fiona was so shocked, "Why do I use a gun? Forget it. I don't need it. "

"How do you know it won't work?" Casting a glance at Fiona, Spencer replied, "It's no harm for you to learn how to cook. You can even use it in case of need. The world is too dangerous! "

His expression had never been so serious before. Fiona stared at him for a long time, then she nodded after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, and said firmly, "I'll learn it."

"Okay." Smiling with satisfaction, Spencer

cer. After looking him up and down, she screamed, "You are bullying Fiona again, aren't you?! You shameless man! 'Fiona! I'm here to save you! " Then she slipped into the room while speaking to Spencer.

"Hello!" Spencer then chased after her.

Hearing the noise outside, Fiona sat up. When she just put on her clothes, she saw Sophia rushing in.

"Sophia..." Fiona stammered.

"How is it going, Fiona?" With concern written all over her face, Sophia sat on the edge of the bed. She turned around and cast a stern glance at Spencer, asking, "Did Spencer bully you again?"

With arms akimbo, and eyes widened with anger, Spencer roared, "Sophia, did you also call the name 'Spencer'? I have been your instructor for a month. Why can't you be polite? "

"Humph!" Sophia stood up and gave a cold shoulder to Spencer, saying angrily, "You always bully Fiona. You were already very hateful when you were the instructor! I warn you, do not bully her anymore! How poor Fiona is! How can you treat her like that as her husband? "

Surprised by her question, Spencer looked at Fiona for confirmation.

Fiona said, "Sophia is not an outsider. I've told her everything about us."

"Did you hear that? !" Raising her head proudly, Sophia said in a proud tone, "So, Spencer, I know all the shameful things you have done! Otherwise, I will make you lose your reputation! "

"You are just a little girl. Do you think I will be afraid of you?" Spencer had never been threatened before!

It seemed that they were going to have a fight at any time. Clutching her head in her hands, Fiona racked her brains, trying to come up with an idea. All of a sudden, she said, "All right, all right. You two stop arguing! I Ouch, why does my foot hurt again? "

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