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   Chapter 88 She Wants To Kill You

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After a while, the doctor stood up and said, "The injury is very serious. And the medicine should be changed once a day. Then she can recover after three weeks and four weeks."

As soon as Fiona was about to say something, she saw the wound on Spencer's arm and hurriedly said, "Doctor, look at his arm. It was scratched by a huge dog! It's bleeding! "

"Okay." The doctor quickly responded, "Mr. Spencer has good endurance. This small wound is nothing to worry about. Please don't worry, Mrs. Cheng. I promise he will be fine."

Really? Mrs. Cheng?

"I I am not Don't call me that... " When Fiona heard the word 'Mrs. Cheng', her throat became dry and her face turned red. She mumbled in a low voice and tried her best to finish her words. But when she just raised her head, she saw Spencer raise his eyebrows and look at her. Her face suddenly turned even redder.

"What? Mrs. Cheng, what did you say? " The doctor turned around, fiddling with the anti-inflammatory needle and asked.

"She didn't say anything." A smile crept up on his face. Spencer took off his coat and pulled off the vest as he urged, "Do it quickly."

"Okay." The doctor nodded. When Fiona saw the naked upper body of Spencer, she quickly turned her head away, daring not look at him.

"How did you fall from the mountain, Fiona?" Suddenly, Spencer asked, "Did you walk on the trail yourself?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded embarrassedly. "Yes, I went there by myself, but that was because The signal was bad on the phone, so I went there. "

"Who is it?"

"Ryan." Caught off guard, Fiona stammered with her fingers clutched nervously. A surge of guilt set in her heart.

As she expected, after hearing what she said, Spencer snorted with disdain and asked, "And then?"

"Then..." After a pause, she recalled how hateful Leona had been this afternoon, and what she had said to her that she would kill her. Thinking of that, she furrowed her eyebrows deeply. She was terrified.

"What's wrong?" Looking at Fiona's expression, Spencer knew clearly that the trace he saw on the path this afternoon was not caused by weakness, but by human made. So he asked, "Who pushed you down?"

"How do you know?" Fiona raised her head surprisedly.

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer asked coldly, "Who?"

"Leona." Fiona said

"Really? She? " As he spoke, the wound on his arm was bandaged. He stood up and took out a pistol with his right hand at his waist. He then said, "Then she should go to the yama's place to report!"

"What are you doing, Spencer? !" Out of fear, Fiona grabbed his hand that was holding a gun. "You Calm down! Please let me finish Put down your gun! "

"Mr. Spencer! Mr. Spencer!" The doctor immediately stopped him, "Think twice before you make a deci

one broke the silence. Both of them were taken aback.

Spencer let go of Fiona and stood up, "Hem, Hurry up and wash yourself. I have to answer the phone. "

"What? …… Okay, okay. " Fiona nodded with a blush.

Spencer rushed out of the bathroom and took out his phone. "Hello? Who? "

"Spencer? Are you okay? "

There was a worried voice of Celine from the other end of the line. After swallowing hard, he replied, "I'm fine."

"I'm glad to hear that How is Fiona? "

"She was also saved. Don't worry."

"Okay." "When will you come back, Spencer?" Celine continued

Kada. There was a light sound behind him, and Spencer immediately turned around and saw that Fiona, wrapped in a bath towel, limped out of the bathroom.

With a frown, he ran to Fiona and grabbed her by the arm. "What are you doing?! Don't you know your feet are hurt?! You can just come out and call me by my name. Don't be so stubborn! "

"Hello..." Fiona struggled in his arms and said, "I can do it myself. Put me down!"

"Idiot!" Spencer took a look at Fiona, but no matter how hard she struggled, he put her on the bed and hung up the phone accidentally with his fingers

Beep, beep, beep

"Hello?! Spencer! " The busy tone on the phone surprised Celine. She couldn't believe that Spencer just hung up. It was late and only a man and a woman were in the room. Besides, she could feel Spencer's nervousness when she talked to him

The hand holding the phone tightened, Celine made another call.

"Beep, beep, beep Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off. Please redial it later... "

In the room, Spencer stared at Fiona with burning eyes and said, "In the next month, don't move again. When your feet will recover and when you get down. Got it?"

"…… I know. " Somehow, Fiona didn't refute.

"I'm going to take a shower."

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