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   Chapter 87 I Will Carry You Up

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The lounge at the Maple Mountain scenic spot was brightly lit. Everyone was waiting anxiously.

"Sophia! Sophia! " At the sight of Sophia, Ryan rushed to her and shouted excitedly, "Where is Fiona?! How is she? "

"Ryan!" At the sight of Ryan, Sophia began to sob. "Mr. Cheng went down to save her They hasn't come up yet. "

Ryan was taken aback and looked pale. It should be a good thing that someone came to rescue Fiona, but why did he feel unhappy? Raising his hand, Ryan patted Sophia's head and said in a hoarse voice, "Well, Fiona will be fine. Don't worry."

"Ahahah She will be fine! " Sophia nodded, crying. Then she lowered her head to Ryan's shoulder. With a sigh in silence, Ryan looked up and saw the face of Leona standing in the shadow. She was about to cry, but such an expression made Ryan more disgusted.


A loud bang came from above all of a sudden. Ryan quickly turned his head and thought, 'I will let you pay for what you have done to me later!

Several helicopters circled in the sky above the scenic spot and blew the clothes of everyone. They saw that a soft ladder was hanging from the first helicopter, followed by a doctor with a medical kit on his back, who climbed down the ladder. After the doctor fell, he waved his hand and all the helicopters left in unison.

"Where is Fiona? !" Sophia was very excited. She ran towards the doctor and asked, "Why didn't I see Fiona and the drillmaster?"

"Mr. Spencer and Fiona are still in the elevator, but they will be here soon! " "Don't worry. They are all fine," the doctor answered in a hurry


"Of course!" The doctor nodded his head, pretending to be serious, and then said to everyone, "It's getting late. It's hard today. Everyone is OK. Let's go to have a rest!"

With a sigh of relief, Ryan said to Sophia, "Sophia, you've been worried the whole day. Go to bed now? I'll wait here. "

"No, I want to wait here for Fiona." Sophia shook her head firmly.

"All right."

With a glance at the fine beads of sweat on Ryan's forehead, Sophia felt sorry for him. "You must be very worried, aren't you?"

"It's good that she's fine." A wry smile appeared on Ryan's face. "I'm just a little late. When I arrived, the foot of Maple Mountain has been strictly guarded. It took me a lot of time and effort to climb up. Fortunately Mr. Cheng, he came just in time. "

Sophia's heart clenched all of a sudden. She knew how much Ryan cared about Fiona, but she couldn't help worrying about him since Fiona and Mr. Cheng had been married I can't tell him the truth! 'I can't tell him the secret that Fiona asked me to keep, ' Sophia told herself!

At the valley bottom.

"Let me carry you up." After that, Spencer walked to Fiona and bent down slightly. He patted himself on the shoulder and said, "Come on!"

"But your arm was hurt." Fiona shook her head, "No, I can do it myself." As she was about to walk forward, she ex

back to sleep, Fiona! We'll talk about it tomorrow. "

The moment he finished speaking, Spencer turned around with Fiona in his arms. The doctor hurried to catch up with them.

"Spencer!" Fiona was a little annoyed and struggled in Spencer's arms. "You, you put me down first I haven't talked to Sophia for a while! "

"Hiss..." Suddenly, Spencer frowned and said painfully, "My arm hurts!"

Terrified by his words, Fiona didn't dare to move. "Put me down then," she urged

Spencer groaned, "If you don't talk, I won't hurt anymore."


In the distance, Ryan and Sophia stood side by side. They saw the two people talking and walking away without saying anything.

"Mr. Ryan!" Andrew stepped forward and asked cautiously, "It's so late. Do we go downhill or live here?"

"Stay here." Ryan opened his mouth without hesitation. He just figured out his relationship with Leona. How could he be willing to leave like this! Thinking of this, Ryan looked around and didn't see Leona.

"Ryan, what are you looking at? Have a good rest. "

"Okay." Coming back to his senses, Ryan reluctantly followed Sophia to the hotel area.

In Fiona's room, Spencer placed her on the bed and said to the doctor, "Check her injuries, in addition to her feet, and see if there are any other injuries to her bones and muscles."

The doctor sat on the edge of the bed with the medicine box and opened it. He said timidly, "Let me deal with Mrs. Fiona's wound! Check other parts of her body I can only check it if she take off her clothes. "

Check the wound only if take off her clothes?

It seemed that the doctor had already knew that Fiona was Spencer's wife. She became speechless and her face suddenly turned red!

"Take off the clothes?" Spencer kicked the chair of the doctor angrily and scolded, "What are you thinking about?! Pay attention to her foot and get out! "

"Yes, yes." The doctor nodded and began to check on Fiona's feet.

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