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   Chapter 85 Spencer, Is That You (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6636

Updated: 2020-02-11 00:22

There were several helicopters flying over the Gingko Road. They circled in the air for a long time and slowly flew to the position of Spencer.

Spencer and Celine's dress corners were rustled by the propeller wind.

"Mr. Spencer!" Eric opened the cabin door and put down the rope, "Come on!"

Biting his lips, Spencer nodded and strode forward.

"Spencer!" Celine suddenly grabbed his arm and said, "Even if something happened to Fiona, you don't have to go there in person, do you?! Do you know who you are? Your loss is the biggest loss! You just need to follow behind! "

"Do you think something will happen to me?" Said Spencer, turning his head around.

"It's not that I don't trust you. I just..."

Before Celine could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Spencer. "If I can't even save my woman, I'm not a man and I don't deserve my status." After saying that, he grabbed the rope with one hand and climbed up with his arm. Cooperated with the people in the cabin, he entered the helicopter in small groups.

Spencer's woman

Celine just blankly watched him leave. As the helicopter roar was getting farther and farther, she closed her eyes sadly and gradually felt empty in her heart.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Spencer had never experienced this kind of feeling. His heart seemed to have been taken out of the void and was fried on the frying pan. He was extremely uneasy.

"Mr. Spencer, what happened?" "Where are we going?" Eric asked cautiously.

Spencer said as he hung up his walkie-talkie, "Something happened to Fiona. She is in the Maple Mountain. Disappeared. "

"Disappeared?" Eric was shocked. Looking at the darkened face of Spencer, he quickly said, "I'll go to confirm the position."


At the scenery area of Maple Mountain, Sophia and a group of students were anxiously waiting for the police.

It was getting darker and darker. Sophia was getting more and more worried. Where are you! Fiona!


"Ah! Look! T


Just then, a huge rumble suddenly came from above their heads. The helicopter almost clung to the ground and many fallen leaves were falling.

Suddenly, something occurred to Fiona. 'Is someone coming to save me?' she wondered. Who would it be? Is he Spencer?

"Hey! I'm here! " Fiona raised her hand excitedly.

"Aha Woof, woof, woof! "

As soon as she screamed, the "green eyes" in the tree jumped up and barked wildly to Fiona. She turned around and saw the huge dog. It was about two meters long and stared at her aggressively. It opened its large mouth with blood, and some sticky saliva flowed down from it and slowly approached her.

"No, don't come over..." Grabbing her clothes, she choked with sobs.

Buzz Buzz

Helicopter surged up one after another. Feeling threatened, the giant dog turned its head, craned its neck and roared. It rushed towards the helicopter.

As soon as the dog ran away, Fiona endured the pain on her body and feet and struggled desperately. She dragged her legs and trudged forward with all her strength. The fear in her heart became stronger and stronger. There was only Fiona in the pitch black bottom of the valley. She felt that the endless darkness behind her was going to swallow her in the stomach like a monster. She had no choice but to go ahead desperately.

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