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   Chapter 84 Something Happened To Fiona

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"Why did you suddenly come back?" Spencer spoke carelessly while eating.

After hearing what he said, Celine paused and looked up at him, "Because I miss you."

Spencer asked, "If that's the case, why didn't you come back two years ago? Wayne has lifted the ban of you not coming back home until the end of your study. "

"I..." Celine's face suddenly turned unnatural, she pouted her lips in anger and went on, "I just graduated from college and didn't have a job. But now the situation is different! Now I have my own business and I have the ability to work with you. This time, no one can leave us, Spencer... " As she spoke, she put down the chopsticks and reached out her hands to hold Spencer's hands, "Honey, are you blaming me?"

The temperature coming from her palm made Spencer stunned for a moment. He did not put her hand away, and his eyes did not focus. He said, "I'm just blaming myself." It was my fault that I couldn't protect my beloved woman.

"We'll be fine later, okay?" Celine pleaded, "Please! We are still the same as before!"

Still the same as before?

After a long pause, Spencer pulled his hand back and said coldly, "A lot of things can change in six years. We can't go back."

"Why? !" Abruptly, Celine raised her voice and questioned, "Is it because of Fiona? Just because you married her? "

Spencer's brows shot up imperceptibly. There seemed to be a ripple in his heart. It was just an accident for him to marry Fiona, but

"Why don't you answer me?" Looking at his expression, Celine had no idea why he was struggling, "Or, Do you really like Fiona? Spencer, will you live with her for the rest of your life?! Won't you divorce her? "

"Divorce?" Spencer uttered the two words subconsciously. After getting married, did he ever think about divorcing Fiona?

At this moment, someone's phone rang.

The phone in Celine's bag suddenly rang in a hurry, interrupting the mood of the two people

"I'm answering the phone." Breathing in a deep and turbid air, Celine took her cellphone out of her bag and found that it was from Sophia. After thinking for a while, she stood up from her chair and said, "I have to take a call."

"Yes." Spencer nodded.

After stepping out of the shop, Celine picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Designer Celine?" Sophia's anxious voice came through the phone. "I'm Sophia! Something might happen to Fiona! "

"Something happened to Fiona? !" Said Celine in surprise.

"Yes, she disappeared on the way climbing! We've been looking for her for a long time! We've lost contact for almost three hours! " Sophia had a cry in her voice, "Can you get in touch with Mr. Cheng? Please let him come here as soon as possible? We have called the police! "

"Mr. Cheng?" Celine was confused.

"He is Spencer!" Sophia roared, "Aren't you his sister? Can you get in touch with him? Call him over now! "

'Something happened to Fiona. Something happened to her...'

Celine tightened her grip on the phone. Determined, she said coldly, "Spencer might be outside now, and I just retu

Celine with his red eyes, "She was missing in the mountain! Do you know what it means! I should have stopped her from sketching. "

Startled, Celine took a step back. Just then, Spencer called Eric again. "When the hell will you arrive?"

"Mr. Spencer, we'll be there soon!" Eric agreed immediately and climbed into the helicopter. It had only been five minutes since he received the call from Spencer. What had happened to him? It was totally different from his usual way of doing things!


After a long time, Fiona opened her eyes and saw nothing but darkness. She let out a painful groan.

"Is anyone here?" Lying on the ground, Fiona had no strength to sit up with her hands on the floor. "Is anyone here?" she asked in a hoarse voice

Her words startled the creatures in the tree, and a group of birds liked the square and flied into the sky.

Fiona felt pains all over her body, especially her feet, as if they were about to break. She looked around and found that there were all maple trees around. The maple leaves covered the whole ground, and she herself was lying on the thick maple leaves. In normal times, she would think it was very beautiful. But now, she just felt frightened. The night in the mountain came early. Through the cracks of leaves, Fiona could see the West sky full of rosy clouds, which meant the setting sun was going to fall soon and darkness was about to come!

"Woo woo woo -"

As Fiona was observing the terrain, suddenly there was the roar of a wild beast in the empty valley.

"Woo woo woo -"

"Woof, woof, woof -"

Then there were lots of sounds of howls, which sounded close to her ears.

Suddenly, she struggled to sit up. The moment she sat down, there was a slight tremble in the tree in front of her, making a slight sound of approaching. Fiona looked over there and suddenly saw a pair of green eyes.


It was hard for Fiona to see clearly whether it was a wolf or a dog, or anything else. Her body was frozen as if her heart had been cut into a hole.

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