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   Chapter 83 Push Her Down The Hill Fiercely

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Fiona walked slowly along the path. It was a little difficult for her, but she forgot the tiredness after enjoying the picturesque scene. 'No wonder there was a path there and it became a blaze. As expected, I could see a different view here!' she thought

Standing at a raised place, she glanced at the panoramic view of Maple Mountain. The maple leaves connected with the landscape in the distance made up an extremely beautiful painting, and one could feel relaxed at the first sight.

"Hello? Fiona, can you hear me? "

The voice of Ryan came out of the phone again. Fiona finally came to her sense from the beautiful scenery and said, "I heard it. Ryan, just say it!"

"Fiona Nothing happened between me and Leona! " Ryan came straight to the point.

Fiona's heart jolted, and then she asked in disbelief, "What did you say? You and Leona Nothing happened? "

Leona suddenly stopped when she heard the words. She was so scared and self mocked that her small body suddenly shivered like a sieve.

"I checked the surveillance video of the bar. It was not what we saw that night!" Ryan's tone became more and more vicious, and his heart was filled with thick anger. "Leona She has drugged me at all! "

"Drug? !" Fiona let out an uncontrollable scream. Was it possible to drug a person in real life? Shocked by Ryan's words, Fiona didn't know how to respond. "Are you sure? Why did Leona drug you? I saw it clearly Seeing you and her... "

"I'm so sorry about what she did." Ryan raised his eyebrows. "Anyhow, nothing happened between her and me. 'I must let you know as soon as possible, Fiona. When you come back I'll tell you in detail. "

"Okay, okay." Fiona was still in a daze.

"Can I start over with you again, Fiona?" Said Ryan suddenly, with a sense of relief and expectation.

"Ryan..." Caught off guard, Fiona was shocked by the words. She didn't even realize what was going on.

"As I said before, I don't want to fight for anything in this life, except you." Ryan continued, "I have been trying to be responsible for you, so I restrained myself these days. I didn't dare to meet you. I am the first to sign up for the communication games in other cities But when I heard that you chose advanced mathematics, I made my choice without hesitation. I still miss you, especially... "

A gust of autumn wind blew over, and the hair around Fiona's ears gently rose. She looked at the remote mountain, and her heart seemed to be stirred again.

"I should have checked the surveillance video earlier, but I was too stupid to think of it." Ryan's mood was extremely complex, angry but happy. "I would rather believe that this is a test of God for me. It is a sign of suggesting me not to give up you. 'I will never give up on you, Fiona' he determined. I... "

Buzz Chi

A sudden noise of interference from the phone interrupted Ryan's words.

Frowning, Fiona looked at the screen, and then put the phone near her ear. "Hello? Ryan? Hello? "

But no signal came, and it was also impossible to make a call.

"What?" Fiona sighed and turned around. "Ah --" as soon as she turned around, she saw that Leona was standing quietly under the tree. With a scream, she found that Leona was three steps away from her. Covering her chest which was beating fast, she said, "You Why are you h

Outside the guest house, the students were about to get ready to set off with the painting on their backs.

Sophia looked around in the crowd. She asked her classmates one after another, "Do you see Fiona?"

"No, I don't."

"Did you come here with Fiona?"

"No, I didn't."

Standing in the end, Leona clenched her fists tightly, with sweat on her forehead. She compressed her lips and didn't say a word.

"Okay, guys. Let's go!"

"Teacher!" Sophia said hurriedly, "Fiona hasn't come upstairs yet! We can't go! "

"Why hasn't she come up yet? Have you called her? "

Ella leaned forward and took out her phone. "I called her several times, but she didn't answer."

Sophia's heart sank. She roared, "Hasn't anyone seen Fiona?"

The team was silent, and everyone shook their heads.

"Damn it! I'm going to find her!" In a hurry, Sophia picked up her pace and ran down the mountain.



The teacher was anxious and hurried to say, "Hurry up. Let some boys go with Sophia! And the rest students find around here! "

An hour later, with sweat dripping from her forehead, Sophia stood at the foot of the mountain, yelling anxiously, "Fiona! Where are you? "



The sounds of looking for Fiona echoed in the mountains and the fields.

"Haven't you found her yet?" The teacher hurried down the mountain and said anxiously, "I think it's time to call the police! The signal was bad in the mountain. Where could Fiona go? "

"It's all my fault! I shouldn't have left so early. I know that Fiona is tired... " Sophia felt so guilty that she almost cried.

"I'll contact the police!" Ella quickly ran away.

Police? Taken aback, Sophia seemed to have remembered something. She took out her cellphone and mumbled, "Yes The instructor, he is Fiona's husband Shit! I don't have his phone number. " Sophia took out her phone and looked through the address book, but she didn't have Spencer's number. When she was about to call Ryan, she saw the name "designer Celine" and a thought flashed in her mind.

"Yes, Miss Celine is the sister of Spencer. Call her now! "

With her trembling fingers, Sophia hurriedly dialed the number of Celine.

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