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   Chapter 82 First Encounter In Memory (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 5597

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At the foot of the Maple Mountain, which was thirty kilometers north, the bus from D University arrived in half an hour. As it was near noon, there were very few people coming and playing, and there were only a group of students at the foot of the mountain.

"Get out of the car in order, my schoolmates," the teacher shouted, "The bus is not allowed to park in the scenic area, so we have to climb up on foot, only more than five hundred meters high. We will soon climb the mountain. Everyone, follow me!"

"Damn it! Climb the mountain again!" "Did you find a cable?" Sophia resentfully asked, backing up the drawing board.

Fiona held out her hands as to shield herself from the sunshine and carefully examined the whole Maple Mountain. "I think the mountain is one kilometer long. The cableway should be from the scenic spot to the top of the mountain. Sophia, don't be lazy." she said with a smile

"That is, to climb up the stairs as appointed!" Ella leaned over and said, "Do you want to put on some sunscreen?"

"Elder sister, it's autumn. You also wear sunscreen?" Sophia asked with a disdainful look on her face.

"Why not?" Ella raised her head arrogantly and said, "Women need skin care all the year round! Hurry up. We can't keep up with the team. "

They smiled at each other and went up the mountain.

Leona stood not far away from them, watching them talking and laughing. Her eyes gradually showed an expression of pain and grievance. When she was about to lift her feet, she suddenly felt a burst of nausea in her chest. .

"Ouch!" Leona ran to the side of the road, covered her chest and kept retching

"Are you okay, Leona?" A kind classma


All of a sudden, the phone in Fiona's pocket rang. She turned around and took the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, it's me, Fiona." Ryan's urgent voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Ryan Senior Ryan. " A shiver ran down her spine. Fiona never thought that she would answer a phone call from Ryan in front of Leona. She immediately walked to the other side of the stone step without saying a word.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Fiona, Leona paused and made up her mind to catch up with her.

"Can you hear me, Fiona? There seems to be a signal interruption over there. I couldn't hear you! "

"Maybe it's because of the poor signal!" Fiona asked, "Is there anything I can do for you, Ryan?"

"I have something important to tell you and I can't wait for you to come back." Ryan's voice was full of anxiety, "Can you find a place with fewer people to answer the phone?"

"…… Okay. " Answered Fiona. She looked around, and saw a path trodden up on the right side of the stone steps. Looking at the path, Fiona raised her cell phone as she walked with difficulty. "Ryan, now you can tell me."

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