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   Chapter 80 Go To Maple Mountain To Sketch (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-10 00:12

"Oh, we have to submit our designs!" With obvious reluctance on her face, Sophia said, "It's so wonderful for us to merely tour the mountains and play water!"

"I heard that the red leaves in Maple Mountain are very beautiful. It's worthwhile to go there!"

The bus became noisy again. With a slight smile on her face, Fiona was happy to see that Spencer didn't call her again.

On the other side, Andrew drove Ryan to Jewelry ZR Company in a hurry. As soon as he parked the car, Ryan couldn't wait to get out of the car and ran all the way to the front desk of the building.

"Did Fiona come to work today?" Ryan ran a little bit nervously.

"Mr. Ryan?" The receptionist was stunned. "Who are you looking for?"

"Fiona, the new intern in the design department!" Said Ryan anxiously.


Charles was walking in from outside. He smiled and asked, "Why are you here?"

Ryan spoke in a trembling voice, "I'm looking for someone. Did Sophia come to work today? "

"Okay," Charles nodded his head and said, "You are looking for Fiona, aren't you? She is not here with Sophia now. "

"Where did they go?" Asked Ryan anxiously.

"I heard that they asked for a three-day leave to do sketch." Charles shrugged and looked Ryan up and down. With a smile on his lips, he asked, "Did you check the surveillance video of the bar?"

Ryan rolled his eyes and nodded, "Yes. Thank you, brother. Otherwise I would still know nothing about it. "

"You're my brother. Isn't it a little inappropriate for you to thank me?" A sinister smile appeared on Charles's face. "I didn't expect that Leona would be so cruel. It seems th

at. There were almost one hundred unanswered calls. Celine got 80% of them, and the rest 20% was of Fiona! Not even a call! There was not even a message! 'Well, it seems that she really hates me very much and annoys me too much!'!

At the thought of this, Spencer felt so depressed that he was almost unable to breathe.

"Does it mean that you're back since your phone is on?" Celine asked, "Where are you now? How about having dinner together today? "

"I..." When Spencer was about to say no, he suddenly changed his words, "Where are you?"

"I am in a small restaurant on Gingko Road. We had dinner here together. Do you remember?"

A word from Celine brought up Spencer's memory. Frowning, he asked with self mockery, "How about that restaurant? Is it still there after all these years?"

"Yes, of course!" Said Celine in a determined voice. "Something will never change. Spencer Are you coming here? "

"…… Okay. "

"Then I'll wait for you!" Said Celine cheerfully.

"Okay." Spencer hung up the phone and said to Johnson, "Go to Ginkgo Road."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

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