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   Chapter 79 Go To Maple Mountain To Sketch (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 5960

Updated: 2020-02-10 00:02

At this time, on the expressway of the north outer ring of M City, a bus from the D University of was rushing to Maple Mountain.

The bus was full of students in the Department of jewelry design of art school. Some of them were taking a rest with their eyes closed; some were chatting; some were excitedly moving about, waiting for a two-hour ride to paint on Maple Mountain.

Sitting in the chair by the window, Fiona calmly stared at the scenery outside the window. She didn't realize how quiet and beautiful she was now.

"Hey!" Shaking her hand in front of Fiona's face, Sophia asked, "What's so beautiful outside the window? You didn't even blink your eyes? "

That brought Fiona back to her senses. She smiled, "Why don't you look out of the window? We still have an hour's drive. "

"You two women!" Ella turned around and took off her blindfold. "Shut up! I'm taking a rest now. You are disturbing me, okay?"

"What time is it now! Why are you still sleeping? " Sophia snorted.

"When we arrive at the Maple Mountain, we're going to climb the mountain immediately after taking a break. Don't I need to have a good rest and have a good trip?" Ella yawned, put down the blindfold again, sat up straight and warned, "Be quiet!"

"Humph!" Sophia protested in a low voice.

Holding the phone in her hand, Fiona thought, 'I will go to the Maple Mountain for sketching for three days. I only told Wayne about it, but I didn't tell Spencer about it. If he comes back, will he get angry because I'm not there?'? Should I call him?

"Oh, my God! My Fiona!" Sophia howled, "What are you thinking about again? Could you please not be so quiet? I feel so bored! "

"I..." When Fiona was about to say something, the phone in her hand rang.


"Shit! I was so sc

nal! " Then she hung up the phone hastily.

"Hello? Hello? "Hey, Fiona!"

Beep, beep, beep

"Damn it!" There was no reply from the other end of the phone. Hearing that, Spencer was so angry that he threw the phone away with a livid face.

"Wow, our instructor is so awesome!" With a laugh, Sophia could not help but tremble. "Giving birth to a baby? Hahaha..."

Smiling awkwardly, Fiona felt a little heavy in her heart. When she just looked up, she found that Leona was looking back at her. They looked at each other. Just when Fiona wanted to smile friendly, Leona suddenly withdrew her gaze and sat up straight.

Feeling shocked, Fiona looked away.

"Hey, guys," In front of the bus, the teacher suddenly stood up, adding with a loud speaker, "We are about to arrive at the Maple Mountain in about forty minutes. The date of the sketching is supposed to be in the middle of December. But this year, the maple leaves of the Maple Mountain turns red at the end of this month, so we have postponed the date. The scenery is beautiful. I hope that our classmates can paint good works. Two weeks after the completion of sketching, each person should submit two design works. "

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