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   Chapter 76 Show Her skills In Class (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 5867

Updated: 2020-02-09 00:12

On Monday afternoon, in a noisy classroom on the fifth floor of the teaching building in D University, all students were sitting in their seats.

The other three people, Fiona, Sophia and Ella, were shocked by what they saw the moment they entered the classroom.

"Why are there so many students choosing the advanced mathematics?" Sophia frowned and said, "Sure enough, there are all powerful students in our university! Then I'm under too much pressure! "

"Cut the crap and find a place to sit down!" Ella said and hurriedly went back.

"There are so many people behind us. Let's sit down in front of them, okay?" So I suggest that you'd better find someone to replace Sophia and have fun with her. ".

"Why do we sit in the front seats? I don't want to listen to the teacher. " With her lips pursed, Sophia said, "I want to sit in the back. I'm going to sleep later."

Fiona shrugged and smiled helplessly. "Let's go."

"Hi, Fiona!"

Before the three of them were about to take a step forward, they heard a crisp sound behind them. Fiona turned her head and saw Ryan walking towards the classroom with a book in his arms.


"Ryan!" Sophia's eyes lit up and she waved at Ryan. "We're here!"

Ryan nodded and walked towards them. He pursed his lips and said, "Do you also come here to attend advanced mathematics?"

"Do you think we want to come here? The other courses have been snatched away by other students." Ella sighed deeply.

"Ryan, are you choosing the advanced mathematics as well?" Fiona asked casually.

"Yeah." Ryan looked at her with deep love and sadness, "I don't have other choices when I was choosing."

"Ryan..." "By the way, my final exam of this semester will depend on you and Fiona!" Sophia how

rise and asked, "Do you think I'm ruthless? Am I bad? "

"Ryan..." Fiona opened her mouth slightly.

"I have no choice. I can't accept the truth that either I forget you or be with Leona. " There was pain on Ryan's face. "So Fiona, can you pretend that you don't know anything? Could you pretend nothing had happened? When we were chatting, don't mention her name, will you? "


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before Fiona could say something, she heard three loud bangs from the platform in front of the classroom.

Steve picked up a clean towel, and knocked on the class table. Then he pointed at the direction of Fiona and the other girls and said, "You four, two go to sleep, two chat. Is there any discipline? Have you learned what I told you? "

The rest of classroom fixed their eyes on where Steve pointed.

His words brought Fiona back to her senses. She suddenly realized that the class had begun for a long time, and her face turned red with embarrassment. She had been attentively listening in class since she was a child. It was her first time to be called by the name, and she was also gazed upon by all her classmates. How embarrassing it was!

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