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   Chapter 75 Then Choose The Advanced Mathematics

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Spencer didn't come back to M City for three weeks. It seemed that Fiona's life was on the right track again. It was just that she had to face Celine during her internship, which was really hard for her.

After work for half an hour, Fiona came out of the office building. Because Sophia didn't come here today, she was busy with all the chores, which made her exhausted. And now she had to go back by herself. But she didn't expect to see an acquaintance as soon as she walked out of the company.

Dressed in a casual suit, Terence parked his luxury car in front of the building. He leaned against the car and put his hand in his pocket casually, as if waiting for someone. Noticing someone walking out of the company, he raised his head and found it was Fiona. Surprised, he blurted out, "Why are you here?"

"Terence, Hello. " "I'm an intern here. Are you waiting for someone?" Fiona asked casually

"Yeah." Terence straightened up and nodded. He looked a little embarrassed. 'What a small world! Why does Celine work in the same company with Fiona?' However, he wondered whether or not Fiona knew what happened between Celine and Spencer.

"Well, you wait here first, I, I'm going back. " Fiona nodded and was about to leave.

"Wait!" Terence raised his hand and walked to her side. "Spencer is very busy recently and he doesn't have time to come back. Are you okay? You can call me if you need anything. "

"Thank you. I'm fine." Fiona smiled gratefully. Suddenly, something came to her mind. She asked, "You once said that Spencer had a knot in the pit of his stomach. Is that Celine?"

"You..." Terence was speechless. "You have known everything?"


"Aren't you shocked?" Terence was always steady and mature. But now it seemed that Fiona was even more composed than him.

"I was shocked when I knew it. But it has been a long time and I have accepted it. "

"When did you know that?"

"Terence!" As they were talking, the voice of Celine suddenly came from the building. Turning around, Fiona saw Celine trotting to the direction of Terence.

Shocked, Fiona then gave a self mocking smile. It turned out that Terence was waiting for Celine! Be tarred with the same brush the same lair! What a fool she was to discuss with him about Celine just now!

"I'm leaving now." Grabbing her handbag, Fiona was about to leave.

"Hey, Fiona," said Terence in a hurry, "About the question I asked just now..."

"I knew it at our wedding night." Fiona turned her head and looked at Terence. Her eyes were cold. Before Celine approached, she rushed away.

Wedding night? Surprised, Terence watched as Fiona left with a frown.

"Hey! Terence, why do you have time to invite me to dinner today? " Smiling, Celine took a glance at the direction where Fiona was leaving and asked, "What did you talk to her?"

"What did you do on their wedding night?" Suddenly, Terence looked away and stared at Celine coldly.

"Did Fiona tell you? !" Celine said angrily with an incredible look on her face, "So you come to question me as soon as you saw me? Huh Spencer's wedding night! What else can I do?! What do you think I can do? "

"Do you know that he has been mar

ed. There is only advanced mathematics left! What should I do? "

"Then pick it." Fiona answered in a teasing tone while tightening her eyebrows. "The data indicates that math problems are good for developing brain, in order to prevent brain activities from degenerate It's not bad for us! "

Fiona, do you think everyone is like you? If I had learned advanced mathematics, I would have failed! " With a grieved look, Ella turned to a corner and snickered, "But, Fiona, if I choose advanced mathematics, will you help me on the final examination of the semester?"

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that?! With Fiona's help, everything is the same. " Sophia's eyes lit up, "Fiona, you're great! Is it okay for you to study advanced mathematics?"

"I don't know." Fiona shrugged.

"So, what are you going to choose as the selective course?" Ella asked.

"Fine, I choose the advanced mathematics. It has higher credits." "Anyway, we have no other choice." Fiona said casually

"Then I'd like to choose advanced mathematics. " Ella frowned and said, "I won't lose anything since I'm with Fiona."

"I want to choose advanced mathematics, too!" Sophia turned around and put her name on the column of advanced mathematics, "To be the first person to eat crabs."

"I'm with you!" Ella said quickly.

"Then choose one for me." With a slight smile, Fiona continued, "If I knew that we had to choose advanced mathematics in the end, we didn't have to run so fast. I really don't like sports such as running."

"I would rather run twenty laps than choose advanced mathematics. Let's go..."

"The advanced mathematics class will start tomorrow. I'm so worried,"

The three of them left the room, talking and laughing. The two boys sitting at the next table stared at Fiona's back and whispered, "Oh, my God! All the good classes are picked up. Why don't we choose advanced mathematics? The three girl look so beautiful, they also chose the advanced mathematics. Otherwise, first come, first served... "

"Haha, you hardly share the same idea with me! Pick one, now! Fine, let's just choose the advanced mathematics! "

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