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   Chapter 74 Got A Call At 2 Am

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At two o'clock in the morning, the base.

Spencer was worn out and walked into the second floor of small white building. When he was about to take a shower, he saw the light of his cell phone on the table in the living room flashing. He went over and picked it up. It was a text message. There was no signature, but he knew who it was.

"How's everything going at the base, Spencer? When do you come back? I'm working now. Oh, by the way, I met Fiona in the company. She seems to be close to that male boss. But you can rest assured that I will not let anything happen to her. Missing you. "

After he finished reading the message, he took off his hat and sat down on the couch. With his phone in his hand, he looked very tired. The sudden return of Celine made his heart skip a beat, which had been quiet for six years. The flash at the wedding made him forget that it was his wedding, and he almost lost control. He wanted to ask if she was okay in the past six years

However, like six years ago, he still couldn't be with Celine. Six years ago, he was too young to fight against his grandpa and father. Now, he was married for his responsibility. No matter why he married Fiona, he couldn't defend his marriage as he had done before.

He sighed and tried to find out where Celine worked now. He used a search engine just launched by Terence's company to search on his mobile phone, and soon found Celine's company.

Jewelry ZR Company, the largest jewelry company in the country, was mainly engaged in the purchasing of all kinds of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, jade and other accessories, including design, retail and wholesale business. The location of their headquarter was in M City, and the legal person representative was.. Charles Wen?

"Charles?" He murmured the name with a frown. After thinking for three seconds, his eyes suddenly lit up. Ryan Wen, Charles Wen. They had similar names. What was the relationship between them?

Spencer still looked a little tired, but his eyes were bright. He tightly stared at the screen of his cell phone and clicked on it. His expression was serious. After a while, he finally found the result he wanted.

It turned out that they were half brothers! However, why did Fiona also work in this company? Internship?

At the thought of this, Spencer had long forgotten that he only wanted to investigate thoroughly about Celine's company, but he felt that there was no place for him to vent his anger. How he wished he could take Fiona's hand right now and ask her why everything about Fiona was always related to the bastard called Ryan!

At this moment, the phone rang

In the Four Seasons Scenery.

In the bedroom, Fiona was sound asleep. Suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang loudly, and the screen of the phone flashed in the darkness, waking her up.

"Well..." Fiona rubbed her eyes and struggled to wake up from her dream. She grabbed her phone and looked at the screen. She frowned and thought, 'It's more than two o'clock in the morning. Why does Spencer call me suddenly? What happened?

At the thought that something might happen to Spence

line's hand firmly, Spencer said to the two elders sitting in the seat, "I like Celine! I can't be her brother! I'll take her away! "

"How dare you!" Wayne slammed his hand on the table and yelled, "She is your sister! Even if not! You can't marry her for your whole life! You were engaged to Fiona a long time ago. She is the one you want to marry! "

"Haven't you forgotten it, Spencer?" Fiona came out of nowhere with a faint smile on her face, she continued, "we're married! How could you stay with Celine! "

"Ahahah..." Suddenly, Celine burst into tears and was dragged away by several men.

Spencer held her hand tightly, but it was useless to resist. Their hands went farther and farther, and until they were separated, Celine disappeared in the light, and disappeared

"Celine Celine! "

Spencer was so shocked that he sat up with sweat on his face and his heart kept beating fast.

Bang! Bang! Bang

There was a regular knock on the door, accompanied by a call from Eric, "Mr. Spencer? Are you inside? "

It was then that Spencer came back to his senses and realized that he had just had a nightmare. The nightmare happened six years ago. He hurriedly shook his head and walked out, dragging his shoes. "Click..." he opened the door of the living room and asked lazily, "What's wrong?"

"Report!" Eric politely saluted him and said, "There has been a large-scale ore transaction recently. Although the case has been filed out, there is something strange, so I come here specially to report."

"Why is it strange?" Spencer frowned, and his eyes flashed a strange light.

"These are some profiles." Eric handed the portfolio to Spencer, and said, "the containers and mercenaries have the mark of X-sign on them."

"The mysterious organization that appeared in the last tourist kidnapping incident was named X. Does it have anything to do with the accident? " Spencer asked shrewdly.

"The superior also suspected this, so they asked us to investigate it."

"Okay, I see. You go back first. I'll take it seriously. "

"Yes! Mr. Spencer. "


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