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   Chapter 73 Who Is Entangling With Me

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As Charles walked in, the sounds of inquiry rose from the dinning room.

"Why is boss here?"

"I don't know! Is he coming for me? "

"You are so full of yourself!"

Celine was having lunch with several women from the design department. When she saw Charles walk into the dining room, she raised her eyebrows.

"Celine, I heard that Mr. Charles and you had known each other for a long time," said Linda. "Is he coming for you today?"

"Oh my God!" "Mr. Charles is a golden bachelor. You are really lucky, Celine!" another woman teased

Celine was proud of herself. However, she didn't show her real feelings on her face. "Mr. Charles and I are just friends. I like someone else," she explained

"Who do you like? Even better than Mr. Charles? "

"Yeah, tell us! You are the double harvest of love and career! "

"Mr. Charles is walking towards us! Stop talking! "

"He's coming! Mr. Charles is here! "

Just then, Charles walked in front of them. When he saw Celine and other people eating, he stopped and greeted them. "How's the lunch? Besides, Celine, you've just come back from abroad. How's everything going with you? "

"Not bad." Hearing that, Celine nodded slightly. With an expression of understanding on her face, Linda patted on her hand. After taking a look at her in confusion, Celine said to Charles, "How could Mr. Charles come to the staff canteen? Would you like to eat? Unfortunately, we don't have seats here. "

The corners of Charles's mouth lifted. He looked at the direction where Fiona was sitting, and then quickly took his gaze back. He said, "I'm also an employee in this company. Can't I come here? You don't have a seat here, but do other places have seats! You guys enjoy your meal. I'm leaving now. "

After saying that, he nodded slightly and left in ease, leaving Celine in shock.

"Mr. Charles is so handsome!"

"Aren't Mr. Charles looking for Celine? Who is he going to look for? "

In the dinning room, all the staff fixed their eyes on Charles. They saw him walking gracefully towards Sophia and Fiona.

With her back to Charles, Sophia frowned as she held up the chopsticks. "Fiona, I feel a murderous intent behind me!"

"Well..." Fiona raised her head and looked directly into Charles's eyes. Before she said anything, Charles had walked up to them.

"Sophia." Looking at the back of Sophia, Charles said with a smile, "When you entered the company as an intern, you could tell me directly. Why did you call my father first? Have you forgotten me?"

"No, no, no!" Hearing that, Sophia stood up at once. The frown on her face immediately disappeared. She went close to Charles and said in a sweet voice, "How could I forget brother Charles! I'm worried that you might forget me as you're always abroad! "

Charles laughed in a low voice and looked at Fiona, "I haven't eaten either. Do you mind me sitting next to you?"

"Of course not!" Sophia immediately answered with brushing the dust on the stool with her hand exaggeratedly, "Come on, Charles. Take a seat. I'm getting

familiar with Fiona?" Celine didn't reply, but asked what she wanted to ask, "You seemed to have a good time with her."

"So what? Are you jealous? " Standing in front of the desk, Charles leaned forward and spoke with a bewitching smile.

Turning her head away, Celine sprang to her feet and dodged from Charles.

"Haha..." With a mocking smile, violet stood up and said, "you've turned your back on me since you came back from abroad. Are you a fair lady?"

"Charles! What do you mean? !" With her eyes wide open, Celine stared at Charles angrily, "Don't swear at me!"

"Curse?" When Charles walked up to Celine, he suddenly reached out his arm and pulled her close to him. Then he whispered in her ear, "Have you forgotten who has been pestering me in the past few years when you were abroad? And who even wanted to get into my bed? Don't you forget those wonderful nights we spent together? "

After a long while, Celine stammered, "But I We agreed to let's forget it after we came back. "

"Yes." Charles casually nodded his head and said in a fierce tone, "I know you want to get back to Spencer, then do it as you like. Do you think I really care about you? Give him the woman I don't want. I'm looking forward to seeing his expression. " After that, he pushed Celine away hard and tidied his sleeves carelessly. "But you'd better don't beg me for help next time."

It seemed that Celine lost all her strength all of a sudden. Her face turned deathly pale. Leaning against the back of the chair, she said in a trembling voice, "I won't beg you... I will be with Spencer again. But you can't tell anyone what happened between us! Don't tell anyone! "

"Who do you think you are? You don't deserve my hype " Charles raised his eyes, turned around and walked outside. "You won't have a chance to get on my bed in the future," said he ironically. I hope Spencer could satisfy you. "


The door of the office was slammed shut. Celine slumped into her chair, unable to regain her composure for a long time.

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