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   Chapter 71 I've Married

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A faint trace of anger appeared on Fiona's face. She had told them everything she could think of. She really didn't want to tell them that she was married to Spencer because it was even harder for her to tell herself. However, when she looked at Sophia, a complex expression flashed across her eyes.

Leona glared at her and shouted, "I don't believe you! I don't believe you! I I don't want to stay here anymore! " Then she turned around and rushed out of the dorm.

The door was slammed shut with a bang. Fiona's heart skipped a beat.

Sophia and Ella were holding their fists and did not intend to catch up at all.

"Will she be all right?" Fiona asked.

"Leave her alone!"

"Damn it! She's reasonable! " Ella rolled her eyes at Leona. Then she turned to Fiona and asked, "Are you my friend, Fiona? Why didn't you tell us that you knew the drillmaster? If I had known this, I would have talked to him earlier and thus this military training would have been easier! "

"Yeah, I didn't see you knew the instructor at all." Sophia exclaimed.

Fiona had a smile on her lips, "Anyway, the military training is over. There's no point in talking about it any more. I have gone to the library. "

"Let me go with you, Fiona." Sophia said, "I just got annoyed by Leona. I'm too lazy to rest."

"The library?" "Nobody wants to go shopping?"

Fiona smiled faintly, "I don't have this idea for the time being."

"I don't want to go, either." With a sigh, Sophia added, "I'm going to the library to refresh myself."

"What a boring woman! I'll ask someone else to go with me." Ella hummed and went to get changed.

After packing up simply with Sophia, Fiona went to the library side by side.

"Fiona!" on their way to the beach, Sophia said hesitantly, "Just now, Leona said that Mr. Cheng carried you on his shoulder and put his arms around your waist. Is this real? "

Shocked, Fiona looked at Sophia, and said to her while pointing at the lake, "Take a seat."

"…… Okay. "

They sat on the bench. Fiona kept her head down and didn't know what to say.

"Is it because of the drillmaster that you turn Ryan down?" With her eyes fixed on Fiona, Sophia said, "Although the instructor is very handsome But how could you just let Ryan go so easily? Ryan is also a nice guy! "

But Fiona's heart was sinking. "I'm married."

"I got married, and Have you got married? !" Sophia screamed and jumped up from the bench all of a sudden.

"Hush!" Pressing her against the bench, Fiona covered her mouth and said, "Do you want the whole school to know about it? I'll go crazy! "

With her eyes wide open, Sophia shook her head.

Fiona didn't feel relieved to let go of her, only to see Sophia spread out on the seat, with a look of eating flies.

"Fiona Is he the drillmaster? Do you marry a drillmaster? " Asked Sophia, whose teeth were chattering.

"Yes." Fiona said casually.

"Hiss..." Sophia covered her mouth, afraid that she would cry out.

It was hard for Fiona t

father of Ryan and then she became an intern without an interview. After they arrived at the company, the receptionist guided them to the design department.

The receptionist pushed the office of the design department director open and said, "Miss Celine, the interns are here."

Both Fiona and Sophia waited outside curiously.

"Let them in!" Sitting in the office chair was a woman, who looked down at the documents.

"What a young voice!" Sophia said to Fiona in a low voice. Fiona nodded.

"Please come in!"

"Thank you." They walked side by side into the luxuriously decorated modern office and waited for the designer to raise her head.

"Hello, I..."

Hearing this, Celine immediately raised her head and stopped talking. 'Fiona? Did she see it wrong?

Fiona was also shocked. She had never thought that Celine would be the designer here. Her mind went blank.

But after a while, Celine came to her senses and smiled slowly. It turned out that the "special assistant" that Charles referred to was her! That was really special! Then she stood up and walked to them. "What a coincidence! I didn't expect to see you again so soon."

Fiona frowned. The unpleasant scene at her wedding night was still vivid in her mind.

"Do you know each other?" Sophia's eyes wandered between them.

"Of course! 'Fiona is mine, my dear sister. " Celine responded with a faint smile, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Sister?" Sophia swallowed her saliva. "Fiona, do you have a sister?"

"No, I don't." Fiona's eyes became moist. She glanced at Celine before she turned to face her and said, "she's Spencer's sister. "

Squinting at Celine, Sophia talked to herself in her heart, 'Spencer's sister? She must not be something good!

"I appreciate your advice in the future." Celine reached out her hand.

Noticing the frown on Fiona's face, Sophia immediately realized what was going on. She reached out her hand to help Fiona and said, "I appreciate your help, Miss Celine."

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