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   Chapter 70 I Know The Drillmaster (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6637

Updated: 2020-02-07 03:30

While Ella was painting her finger nail polish, she asked, "We don't have class this afternoon. Do you have any plan?"

"Let's sleep." Sophia was rolling on the bed. "I'm so tired after having the whole morning's class! How about you, Fiona? "

"Me?" After thinking for a while, Fiona said, "I'm going to the library."

"A talent!" Hearing this, Sophia turned over immediately and said to Fiona, "What are you going to do?"

"To read." The corners of her lips lifted into a gentle smile. "I remember our school has a communication program with royal art school in I Country? I'm going to apply for it, and then go to I Country when I'm a junior year in college. So I'm going to learn their language from now on. "

"Wow!" Ella's eyes almost popped out of when she heard this. "It's just an exchange project, but the quota is too limited! There was only one last year. Besides, their language is so difficult to learn. Fiona, you're awesome! "

"Fiona, you have to work hard!" Sophia's eyes lit up and she was a little excited. "I heard that there is a senior student in our school, who is second in the college entrance examination of S City! I guess she will compete with you. You must win her! "

"I..." Surprised, Fiona was about to speak when Ella took her words.

Surprised, Ella asked, "The second best in S City? How many points will she get! Our art school is full of art students. Although we have to have a higher cultural score than others But, Fiona, she is the second best in S City, you must work hard! "

With a sunny smile, Fiona joked, "Do you think she is really awesome to be the second best in that city?"

"Of course!"

"Of course!"

Both of them spoke with one voice.

"Then What will you do if I am the second one in the city? " With a touch of tease in her eyes, she looked at Sophia and Ella smilingly.

"What? !" With her mouth wide open in surprise, Sophia asked, "Are you kidding me?"

"Fiona, don't scare me!" Ella also blinked.

nd Ryan! She's a two timer! "

Fiona murmured with trembling lips, "Leona, you are really I didn't expect that you could say such words! Yes, I know the drillmaster. But so what? Do you know him? Hook up with him? "

"Do you really know the drillmaster?" Surprise was written all over Ella's face.

Fiona frowned, "Yes."

"Then why did you..." With confusion all over her face, Sophia said, "You know the drillmaster in fact!"

"Pretending not to know him because I don't want to be privileged." Fiona said with a cold face, but her mind was in a mess. She thought she could get a chance to study in the university after the military training was over, but now she was forced to admit the relationship with Spencer.

"You and Mr. Cheng must have some dirty secret or why did you refuse Ryan? !" However, Leona still did not want to give up. Her face was twisted and she asked aggressively, "You just want to climb the high tree! Mr. Cheng has power and money. But Ryan is just a student. You want to dump him and be with Mr. Cheng!"

With knitted brows, Fiona had never expected that a quiet and gentle woman like Leona would say something like that. She asked with a frown, "Leona, what's wrong with you? Without any basis, do you just say what you imagine? You don't have to know my relationship with him. "

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