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   Chapter 67 A Hit On Fiona's Wedding Night (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6255

Updated: 2020-02-07 00:12

Fiona took her cellphone out, and a message was displayed on the screen. She clicked the address on the message and the screen began to play its animated motion.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

The background music was the birthday song, on which there was an animated figure of a man and a woman. They rode a bike in the campus, accompanied by a instrumental performance on the stage, went to the grass to play fireworks, and they cut cakes and made wishes together

With the phone in her hand, Fiona burst into tears.

"Happy birthday, Fiona." Ryan was seen in the video at last. He was holding a cake and smiled bitterly. "No matter what happened these days, I'm glad that you've appeared in my life. You're always a nice person. I wish you a happy birthday."

Standing at the top of the stairs, Fiona slowly slid down the wall. Squatting on the stairs, she wept bitterly. All the grievances, resentment and tiredness in the past few days had exploded at this moment. Like a lonely little beast, Fiona was quivering all the time

In the wedding room on the second floor, Spencer was lying prone on the bed and deeply asleep. However, when the door was opened from the back, the vigilance trained by him over the years was still useful.

Hearing the door opened, he wanted to open his eyes. But the next second, he felt his eyelids were so heavy that they made him tremble. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat and he felt a lump in his throat. So he closed his eyes and said, "Fiona Give me a glass of water. "


When he was about to turn over, a cup of water was put in front of his mouth from his back and a strong smell of perfume rushed into his nose.

He opened his mouth and drank water eagerly.

"Haha..." After drinking the water, Spencer chuckled, "you You are obedient today I will give you a reward! " Then he g

Spencer frowned and before he could speak, suddenly, he saw a person dashing towards him.

Celine stood on her tiptoe and kissed Spencer's cold lips.


Turning the knob of the room gently, Fiona rubbed her reddened eyes because of crying. When she raised her eyes, she saw Spencer and Celine who were kissing. Standing still, she looked like she had seen a monster.

Although the light was dim in the corridor, but it was still easy to see that they had kissed!

In a flash, Fiona suddenly understood why she felt a little strange about Spencer today. That's right. Ever since Celine appeared, the look in Spencer's eyes had changed How could they have such a relationship?! No wonder she felt that Celine was hostile to her!


Standing rooted to the spot, Fiona finally realized that it was Spencer who had whispered Celine's name in her ear the other night! It was Celine!

A long lost aroma surrounded him. His lips were soft and gentle. Suddenly, Fiona's face flashed through his mind. He opened his eyes suddenly and saw a person blocking the door.

Spencer pushed Celine away. He then looked at the woman who was standing at the door with a complicated look on his face and opened his mouth, "Fiona..."

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