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   Chapter 66 A Hit On Fiona's Wedding Night (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-07 00:02

Spencer, I'm back

The voice he hadn't heard for a long time made him tremble and the memories were flooding over. Six years! Six years! Her brows, her face remained unchanged. Her whole body was standing in front of him, and could be touched.

Fiona looked at the woman. Her beautiful eyes were full of deep affection as if she could talk. She had a tall nose, slightly upturned red lips. She was extremely charming just standing there without saying anything.

Noticing the slight change of Spencer's mood, Fiona wondered, 'Is this woman coming to snatch my husband from me?'? That would be great.

"You are getting married today, and I happened to come." The woman said calmly, but her trembling voice betrayed her emotions. "Congratulations!"

Spencer's eyes widened and his face darkened.

The people in the hall looked at each other, feeling strange. Some of them began to whisper and asked in a low voice who had interrupted the wedding abruptly.

"Celine," Said Terence, frowning.

When Fiona heard this, she was suddenly enlightened. 'Celine! This woman was Spencer's elder sister, Celine!

"Oh my God! Celine!" Anna ran to her in a hurry from her seat and held her hand. "You Why didn't you tell me when you came back today! Today is Spencer's... It's your brother's wedding day. Stop standing here and doing nothing! "

Anna almost shouted out. All the people in the hall were shocked. It turned out that she was Spencer's sister!

When Wayne saw who it was, he was so angry that his body shivered. He shouted at Ethan, "What a rude woman! Call her over!"

Ethan looked at Anna and said in a loud voice, "Celine, since you're back, come here quickly. Don't delay your brother's wedding."

Spencer took the mood back in an instant, no more waves in his eyes. Hearing Ethan's words, he only shouted, "Sister

The corners of Celine's lips trembled slightly, and she looked at Spencer with a smile that was worse than crying, and before she could say anything, she was pulled

help of others," Said Terence.

When they were talking, Anna and Celine came in from outside.

"All the guests have left?" Ethan asked.

"They are all gone." Anna nodded her head. She took a look at Fiona and walked towards her, holding Celine's hand. Then she said guiltily, "Fiona, this is Spencer's sister, Celine and now she is your sister now, too."

She had heard it from grandpa before, and didn't like her. But no matter what, she had to be polite. She nodded and said, "Sister."

Clad in high heels, Celine was ten centimeters taller than Fiona. Casting a glance at her, she said casually, "Congratulations on your wedding!"

Fiona's sixth sense told her that Celine seemed to be unfriendly to her, but before she could think about why, she was interrupted by Daniel.

Daniel said to Ethan, "There is nothing we can do at the wedding today. I'll take other people go home."

"Go ahead. You must be tired," Said Ethan.

Daniel turned around and strode away.

"I'll leave now." Eric followed him out.

Glancing at Fiona, Terence wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Then he sighed, "Ethan, Aunt Anna, you are busy today. Have an early night. I'm going back."


The crowd dispersed. Fiona walked to the second floor. Her heart sank as she walked. At a corner, her phone rang.

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