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   Chapter 65 Spencer, I Am Back (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7834

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Spencer stood still and looked at the photo. The two elders were both young people in memory, but he dared not to look at the person in the photo.

"Can you leave now, Spencer?" Without raising her head, Fiona continued, "I need to whisper to my parents."

"I will pretend not to hear." Said Spencer without any emotion.

"Father, mother, look! This is Spencer!" "He is the one you arranged for my marriage when I was a child. He is so disgusting, isn't he? If you were here, you would have broken off the engagement, wouldn't you? "

"Come on, Fiona, how dare you!" Said Spencer with a smirk on his face.

"I am talking to my parents. Please be quiet."

Having lost his breath, Spencer turned around to look at the scenery, but his mind was slowly drifting away. As far as he could remember, Fiona's mother was a gentle woman. She often sat together with her mother to drink tea. When she was pregnant, she let him touch her belly. Wasn't the little baby inside her was Fiona! If there was no accident, what would happen to their respective fates? Would he really get along well with Fiona according to the arrangement of the last generation?

Guilt welled up in his heart. For the first time, he hesitated whether taking revenge on Fiona was a mistake.

"I'm getting married." Fiona's words brought Spencer back to reality. She continued, "I must be a grown-up after I get married! And so you may rest assured there, right? I will live a happy and comfortable life. I and Spencer... We're all good. I will come back to see you after the marriage! "

When they walked down the mountain, Spencer couldn't help but ask, "Can your parents hear what you have said to them?"

"I believe they will hear me," Fiona was determined and. That was her belief.

There were still a few days before the wedding. It was a hard time for Fiona. She was asked to try on the clothes, change her hair and do the beauty treatment. She was so tired that she was like a spinning top. While Spencer seemed to be so relaxed, because he only wore the casual clothes during the wedding. What bother Fiona won't bother him.

On the wedding day, the courtyard had never been so lively like this. Starting from the inspection at the entrance of the courtyard, people were stunned by the grandeur and strict inspection. The bodyguards were everywhere in t

, while the latter looked at him surprisingly. Their eyes met. No matter how much hatred and discord they had before, at this moment, there was a feeling of shyness and surprise in their eyes.

He had always known that Fiona was very beautiful, but he never thought that she could be so beautiful after dressing up. She had long curled hair, wore a phoenix hat on her head, and there were silver hairpins in her black hair, tassels earrings, gold and silver jewelry All the dressings had become to show how beautiful Fiona was. Against the red face, she dared not to look at him.

Bang! Bang! Bang

Looking at Fiona, Spencer's heart thumped and his Adam's apple rolled in the air.

The ritual official looked at the new couple with a smile and then loudly announced, "Now, you can bow to each other..."


A gasping female voice came from the entrance of the hall. All eyes were drawn to the doorway.

Among the guests, a person came in against the light. With a slender and tall figure, curly wave like hair, the person looked slightly anxious

When Spencer turned around and looked at the woman's eyes, his eyes were suddenly wide open. The amazement on his face was replaced by a feeling of missing her very much. It was like a current pierced through his heart from the heart to the fingertips, and he could no longer move. At this moment, he looked like a sculpture, eyes only focusing on the woman at the door.

The woman also looked at him, and walked inside step by step. She stopped in front of him and said, "Spencer, I'm back."

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