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   Chapter 64 Spencer, I Am Back (Part One)

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The next morning, when Fiona woke up, she only remembered that she had been drunk the night before when Spencer came. Spencer didn't mention anything about what had happened last night, but he couldn't help thinking about making her get drunk again.

The short holiday at the beginning of October came to an end. It would be the wedding day for Spencer and Fiona. After breakfast, they rushed to Cheng family residence.

The courtyard of the Cheng family was well decorated. The marriage of Spencer and Fiona had been a big event in the courtyard. Especially the women in the courtyard, from grandma to elder sister, all came to deal with it.

They had gotten everything ready except for the wedding dress and the bridesmaid. The way the Cheng family did things followed the principle of efficiency and quality. So even if there was only a few days left before the divorce, they didn't look flustered at all.

"Grandpa Wayne!" As soon as Fiona and Spencer entered the living room, they cried out.

"Alas!" Wayne put on his presbyopic glasses. When he heard the voice, he raised his head and said, "Come here!"

"Grandpa, what are you doing?" Spencer took off his coat and sat beside Wayne.

Just then, Anna walked downstairs and laughed, "You are going to get married in two days, which is really a big trouble for your grandpa. He has personally confirmed the guest list."

"Thank you, Grandpa Wayne." Fiona said sincerely. Even though she still felt a little unrealistic about the marriage, she was still moved by what Wayne had done for her.

"It's my pleasure, and I'm happy to do that." He took off his glasses and continued, "you two need to prepare everything you need these two days. I will give you the most grand wedding! Fiona is going to become one member of our Cheng family and we should all treat her well. "

"Thank you, Grandpa Wayne."

"By the way, Spencer," said Anna, "You can find Terence and little Eric as your best men at the wedding? How many more? "

"Two is enough." Spencer then casually picked up the photo album on the table and looked through it.

"Well, Fiona, do you want invite your classmates as your your bridesmaid?"

Upon hearing this, Fiona shook her head immedi

to go there when I come back."

"Don't be self righteous to make decisions for me." Then Spencer turned over with his back to Fiona and began to sleep.

The next morning, when Fiona finished her breakfast and was ready to go to the cemetery, unexpectedly, Spencer was sitting on the driver's seat.

"Where are you going?" Standing outside the car, Fiona asked in a daze.

"I'm going to the same place with you. Get on the car!"

"Are you sure?"

Spencer pursed his lips into a straight line and said, "No more nonsense!"

"…… Oh. " Fiona nodded and got into the car.

He was very familiar with the cemetery in the western suburbs of M City. He had seen his mother's cremains here ten years ago, and he had come here to visit his mother for many times in the past ten years. However, he had never come to Fiona's parents' gravestones. Although it's just a few meters away.

According to Terence, Spencer asked him to put the flowers in front of the gravestones of the two elders every time he came here.

The two of them walked up against the mountain wind and came to the cemetery of Spencer's mother. Fiona put a bunch of flowers on the ground and bowed before slowly walking to the cemetery of her parents.

Looking at her back and the smile of his mother on the black and white photo on the tombstone, Spencer took his first step over there.

"Dad, mom..." Fiona squatted down, put the flowers on the gravestone, and wiped the dust off them with her hands.

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