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   Chapter 63 You Take Me To Bed

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10636

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"Ryan!" Sophia suddenly shouted, directly calling out his full name. She rushed to the sofa, pulled both of them up and roared, "Are you crazy?! Get up! You two... "

"Well..." Murmured Ryan, who opened his eyes in a haze and saw Sophia. "Sophia? What's wrong? "

"What's wrong? !" Sophia's eyes were red with anger. "You and Leona could do that thing... Did you sleep with her? "

"What? !" In a daze, Ryan opened his eyes wide when he heard what Sophia said. As expected, when he saw Leona lying beside him, his face turned pale at once. "I..." He raised his head and looked at the door. When he saw Fiona, he jumped to his feet. He explained in a hurry, "Fiona I... I don't know anything! "

At this moment, Leona pulled up her clothes and sat up. When she saw the people froze at the door, her face suddenly turned red. Her eyes were as red as tears, but she pursed her lips and did not speak.

It seemed that Fiona's feet had been rooted to the ground. Looking at the two people in the box, she showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

"What the hell is going on? !" Glaring at Leona, Ryan burst into a shout with a strong cruelty.

Leona trembled with fear.

Fiona took a step back, turned around and rushed out.

"Hey, Fiona!" Sam shouted and turned to Ryan, "Alas! I'm going back to dormitory! "

"I'm leaving too!" Hands folded around her chest, Ella sneered and said, "There will be something with my eyes after seeing so many!"

"Ryan!" Sophia held her hands tightly, "You disappoint me! And you! 'Leona...' You, you are fucking good! "

In an instant, the crowd retreated, leaving the man and the woman in the farce in embarrassment and silence.

"Ryan Senior... " Said Leona, trembling.

"Tell me. We didn't do anything!" Lowering his head, Ryan's mind was in a total mess. What happened? He didn't know at all!

"Ryan..." Leona sobbed I'll pretend nothing has happened You don't have to be responsible for me. "

Hearing what she said, Ryan lost the ability to think at all. He clenched his fists and trembled with anger. He saw the blood stains on the sofa and closed his eyes hard. His mind was full of the figure of Fiona that had just run out of the house.

He was so far away from Fiona. And now, it's totally impossible for them to be together.


"Fuck off!"

As soon as Fiona ran out of the private room, she was caught by Terence, who was coming his way.

"Let me send you back." Terence said calmly. Gary had told him everything. It seemed that Fiona was very sad because of that boy.

Fiona nodded her head sullenly. She felt terrible as if someone stabbed her in the heart. She knew it was impossible for her to be with Ryan, but she still felt that there was a glimmer of hope in her heart. And now, it was really over. Sure enough, since the moment she met Spencer, all the good things in her life would be destroyed.

"Where are you going?" Terence drove the car.

"Four Seasons Scenery."

"Okay." The car was getting on and off.

Fiona got off the car in Four Seasons Scenery and went upstairs, absent-minded. Holding the steering wheel, Terence took out his phone and made a phone call to Spen

me, right Huh All men are like this. Even he You all disappoint me! "

"Do you still think of Ryan?" Spencer's eyes turned cold all of a sudden.

"I thought he He is so nice and warm. I thought he was different... " With his hands clenched, Fiona continued in a trembling voice, "Tonight, my last wishful thinking was broken! "

"Is he so nice?" Spencer suddenly held Fiona's waist and pinched it as hard as he could. "But now you have to see his true face!"

Fiona lowered her eyes, her eyelashes flickering like a small brush. "Yes..." As she spoke, she raised her index finger and pointed it at his face. "And your true face..."

"What is it?"

"Shame on you..." Fiona replied in a low voice. Putting her hand on the ground, she leaned her head against his shoulder and added, "I feel more and more dizzy I want to sleep! Hug me... "

"What?" Spencer asked in disbelief

"I want a hug..." Fiona grabbed the clothes around his waist, bowed her head to him and said like a spoiled child, "Hold me in your arms and go to bed Hurry up... "

Tension seized him all over. Spencer asked in a hoarse voice, "Who am I?"

"Teddy Bear."


"Well Hug me... "

Spencer's face darkened. He bent down, carried her in his arms and walked to the bedroom. "I'm Spencer, not a bear."

"Spencer is a bad guy!"

"……" Spencer then snorted, "You've finally told me what you thought."

Without answering anymore, Fiona leaned in his arms and fell asleep with a red face.

He took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed, wondering how much wine she had drunk? Now she must be drunk. She deserves it!

But she's very cute. I'll get her drunk next time, and... Let her...

Sitting on the side of the bed and looking at Fiona, Spencer was confused and wondered why he want to drink her down? To see her act like a spoiled child in front of him? Suddenly, he stood up from the bed and thought, 'I must be crazy!

"You snuck into a bar and can't forget Ryan. I haven't gotten even with you for these two crimes!" Spencer said to himself to the drunk Fiona and then walked out of the bedroom quietly.

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