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   Chapter 60 Ryan's Brother (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10357

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Spencer then moved his eyes away, hiding all his emotions and said, "Nothing."

He came to his senses, opened a document handed down by his superior and quickly began to browse. In the boundary between their country and another country, a mysterious organization known as "X" suddenly appeared. The unknown place, the head of the organization and the gathering purpose were unknown too. However, recently more than a dozen tourists had been hijacked. Spencer's team, which was under the leadership of the leader, had to rescue all the hostages and complete the inspection work of the mysterious organization.

He didn't know when he will come back, but Wayne worried about the wedding

From the rearview mirror, he could no longer see Fiona. "Johnson, hurry up," he urged


The QH Park in the city center was a good place for people to take a rest after going shopping. People were taking a walk by the lake, and couples were sitting and chatting on the bench in pairs.

They walked silently to the park.

"Have a seat." Walking to a bench, Ryan said lightly.

"Okay." Fiona nodded her head and sat down. There was a short distance between her and Ryan.

"You came to the company today. What do you think? Are you going to take an internship? "

"The company is good," Fiona said. "It should be helpful for me to have an internship."

"That's good."

"When I entered the company, I met you Brother? " Fiona turned to look at him.

"My brother?" Ryan turned his head, but he always felt sad when he saw Fiona.

"Ryan, this company Is it one of your family's properties? Did you know I took part in the jewelry design competition from the beginning? "

"Yes, my father founded the company. I heard that you would attend the competition, too, " Ryan touched the necklace on his chest, took it off and gently stroked it in his hand. "As soon as I knew that you submitted your design, I asked people to make the finished necklace. At the party, I wanted to show it to you But I missed the chance. I should have taken it out earlier. "

A hint of bitter spread from Fiona's mouth. "I'm sorry, Ryan."

"If you can't fall in love with me, you don't have to apologize at all. Love can't be forced. But if you did that for other reasons... " Ryan paused and asked, "do you know Mr. Cheng?"

Fiona's heart suddenly trembled. She knew that Ryan would ask her this question sooner or later. But no matter how prepared she was, she still did not know how to answer it.

"I..." After a short pause, she couldn't speak again.

"I really know the answer. I thought only I saw your design. But at the basketball match that day, it was really confusing. Now I get it. He has seen your design. " With a bitter smile on his face, Ryan asked, "Is he your true love?"

She liked Spencer?

But from the bottom of her heart, Fiona directly denied such a completely impossible idea. On the surface, she could do nothing but keep silent.

"I met you first..." Said Ryan in a remorseful tone, the blue veins slightly emerged on his well-shaped hand.

"No, I know him first." Fio

easy-going this time?"

"I just think that I've never been there before. I want to see it. " Fiona opened her mouth and said casually. The only thing she wanted was to relax herself in the public and care about nothing.

"Why didn't you buy it earlier?" "Are you coming with us, Leona?" asked Sophia, smiling

"I I'll go with you. "

"This is the first time for all the members in our dormitory to propose such a proposal!" "Okay! Go back to the dormitory, pack up and set out," said Ella

The four girls walked out of the dormitory when it was getting dark. When they went out, they found that the four of Ryan's dormitory had been waiting outside for a long time.

Fiona looked at Ryan and nodded her head.

"I..." Taking a look at Fiona, Sophia began to hem and haw, "I just think it's not safe for us to go there, so I invite them to go with us. Is that okay?"

"No problem." Ella glanced at Fiona and walked forward boldly.

"No problem." Fiona said softly. She had always wanted to tell Sophia about her secrets, but she didn't know how to start with that. When she saw that Sophia was ashamed, she felt even worse, because it was her who had been hiding them.

Ryan came forward and said in a pleasant voice, "let's go together. It's safer to take our car."

After moving into the lengthened Lincoln drove by Andrew, everyone was stunned, except for Sophia and Fiona.

"Ryan, is your family so rich? It has been three years, but I don't know about it. " Sitting on the seat, Sam fumbled here and there.

"You're definitely rich and handsome!" Warren also praised, "If you show your wealth earlier, I promise that more girls will pounce on you!"

Sitting opposite to Ryan, Fiona slightly tilted her head and didn't look at him. But Ryan kept his eyes on her and said, "It's a pity that some girls don't have money in their eyes."


There was an awkward silence in the car. Anyone could feel that there was something wrong between Fiona and Ryan.

Sitting in the corner, Leona looked at Ryan lovingly and admiringly.

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