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   Chapter 59 Ryan's Brother (Part One)

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The ZR Company is located in the most prosperous commercial area in M City. The tall building held its extraordinary status, and the windows on the first floor of the building were placed with the company's latest season jewelry designs, attracting the attention of many passers-by.

Grabbing her handbag belt, Fiona raised her head to cast a glance at the main building before taking a deep breath inside.

"Hello," Fiona walked to the front desk. "Can you tell me where the HR department is? Someone informed me of coming here. "

"It's on the 23rd floor and in your left hand."

"Thank you." Fiona nodded and walked towards the elevator.

Meanwhile, a few people came into the hall. The first one was a man who was tall and handsome in a suit. But he didn't look well.

It was Charles.

"Inform the purchasing department to come to my office in five minutes." Charles pursed his lips into a straight line while walking.

"Get it." The person standing behind him responded.

"By the way, find out the position of the company's third store in M City and report to me as soon as possible."


With a cold face, Charles strode towards the elevator. Fiona was waiting for the elevator, she saw a powerful man coming from the distance, she stepped aside unconsciously.


The CEO exclusive elevator and the staff elevator arrived at the same time. Just as Charles was about to walk inside, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a girl beside him, he frowned and stopped his steps, "Is it Fiona?"

Just as Fiona was about to step into the elevator, she also was stunned when she heard someone calling her name. She quickly looked back and saw Charles.

Why does he look like 'senior Ryan'?

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Fiona hesitated.

"It's really you." A bright smile appeared on Charles's face, but it was a little unpredictable. "I'm this company's boss, nice to meet you. " He stretched out his hand.

Looking at his hand, Fiona hesitated. How did he know her? No one had greeted her in such a formal manner before, but he said that he was the boss of this company!

Charles reached out his hand and kept smiling, but the man behind him couldn't stand it. He wondered where this little girl came from and why the

artment, she went to the design department again. Her internship position was design assistant. She would work as an intern on weekends or when she had no class. From October, her internship started to learn with a designer who was about to come back from abroad.

That sounds good. Since Fiona's dream was to become an outstanding designer, it was her first step to achieve her dream to become a member of ZR Company.

The moment she stepped out of the window of ZR Company, she saw a boy standing a few steps away.

"Ryan..." Fiona asked in surprise. They hadn't seen each other for a few days. Ryan seemed to have worn away a lot, even his eyes were a little less glorious than before.

"Hi, Fiona" Ryan replied in a hoarse voice, forcing a smile on his face, "may I have a word with you?"

"…… Okay. " Fiona nodded. She also wanted to ask him something.

"Let's go. There is a park in front." Ryan asked and looked at Fiona.

Fiona nodded. The two walked forward at the same time. There was a slight gap between them, which reflected alienation and embarrassment.

An off-road vehicle sped on the busy street. The man in the co pilot in the car, through the rearview mirror, has been staring at the two figures on the opposite side of the road through frosty eyes.

"Mr. Spencer? Mr. Spencer? " While Johnson was driving, he was wondering why Spencer suddenly stopped talking. Turning his head to find that he was furious, he immediately asked, "Mr. Spencer, what's wrong with you?"

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