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   Chapter 58 The Task Is To Have A Baby (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 8617

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Frustrated, Fiona put the pillow back and was about to lie down, but was stopped by Spencer.

"It seems that you are ready." Said Spencer in a bewitching tone.

Fiona froze and bit her lips. "Go away!" she shouted

"You know I won't." After he finished speaking, he leaned forward to get close to her.

"No, no, please!" Fiona waved her hands frantically.

Spencer grabbed her hand and said angrily, "The scar on my face has just healed. Are you going to disfigure me again?"

"You..." Fiona's face was red and pale, and she closed her eyes. Heartlessly, she said, "Get up! I have something for you!"

"Are you kidding? What do you want to give me now? " Spencer looked at her weirdly and asked, "Or do you want to buy me more time?"

Without saying a word, Fiona took the opportunity to push Spencer away. She ran to the sofa and took something out of her bag. She turned her back against Spencer and held it in her hand. After a long time, she turned around and walked towards the bed.

When she turned around, Spencer noticed that her face was as red as blood. His curiosity was aroused and his eyes were like X-ray scanning the things in her hands.

With her eyes closed, Fiona walked to the bedside and handed the things to Spencer. "Here you are," she said

"What?" Spencer took it with a frown. His face turned dark red when he saw what was in his hand. It was a box of condoms!

Fiona lay down quickly and buried her head into the quilt. She was so shy that she was sweating all over. There was something wrong between them! Shouldn't they be at daggers drawn? How can there seem to be a little emotion in the air?

Spencer leaned sideways and pulled the quilt off her when she wasn't looking. Under the quilt, Fiona's face was red.

"Where did you learn that? Buy a condom? " Said Spencer seriously, coughing.

"I It's none of your business! " Fiona turned around immediately.

"But the size is not right." The smile on his face couldn't be maintained. Standing behind Fiona, Spencer slightly lifted the corners of his mouth.

Fiona bit her lips and thought, 'Was it really in different sizes? Was he lying to her?

"You want to use this?" Asked Spencer.

What do you mean by that?! Fiona was furious. If he didn't threaten herself every day, she wouldn't share the same room with him! Besides, she wouldn't go to a drugstore because of the so-called "protection measures"!

"I just don't want to be pregnant. Or you can't touch me anymore." Fiona's stuffy opening, with a trace of stubbornness.

"You don't want to get pregnant? Wit

As for the specific matters, we will wait for you to come to the company for further discussion. I wonder if Miss. Fiona would like to join us? "

A surprised smile appeared on Fiona's face. She said immediately, "Yes, I do! I will! "

"Well, when do you have time to come to the company?"

"I I have time today! Can I? "

"No problem. It's eight o'clock. Will you arrive at the human resources department of our company at nine o'clock? "

"Okay, okay, no problem."

"Well, we are looking forward to the arrival of miss. Ji. Bye. "

"Bye." After hanging up the phone, Fiona was so excited that she almost jumped up with the phone in her hand. "Wonderful! That's awesome! "

When Spencer pushed the door open, he saw the exciting look on Fiona's face. She had a bright smile on her face, pure eyes with no trace of impurities and curved lips. At this time, she was like a little girl, jumping happily.

Looking at her, Spencer's hand froze on the doorknob.

But when Fiona turned around and saw him, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

Spencer also turned back to his senses and walked into the bathroom carelessly. He had just run around the residential compound, and he was soaked in sweat all over.

The room was in silence.

After he entered the bathroom, Fiona changed her clothes and left in a hurry. After he took a shower, he walked out of the bathroom. But he didn't see Fiona in the bedroom or the living room. He sat at the table and pretended to ask casually, "Where is Fiona?"

"Just now Fiona left cheerfully without eating breakfast. I don't know what made her so happy," said Anna

Spencer's hand that was holding the spoon paused, and he did not speak any more.

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