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   Chapter 56 Are You Implying That I'm Old

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Thirty minutes had passed, but neither of them spoke from the school to the Four Seasons Scenery.

Fiona could feel the intimidating anger from him. But she didn't care about him because all she was thinking about was the necklace work she had participate in. Why would it appear on Ryan's neck

"Fiona, is the necklace designed by you on Ryan's neck?" After a while, they got into the elevator in the underground garage. Suddenly, Spencer spoke.

"I I don't know. " A shiver ran down Fiona's spine.

"You don't know?" Spencer snorted, "Can't you recognize your own work? Or, your design is a plagiarist and there already are finished designs in the market? "

"How could I possibly plagiarize? !" Fiona rebutted automatically. But when she saw the smile in Spencer's eyes, she became frustrated all of a sudden. She clenched her hands and said, "I just don't know why the necklace was on his neck."

"Then why did you suddenly design men's necklace? Didn't you give it to him? How long have you known each other? " Spencer looked at her as if he was interrogating a criminal.


Meanwhile, the elevator door opened. Fiona rushed out and opened the door hurriedly.

"Hey, Fiona!" Spencer rushed to her, grabbed her arm and shouted, "answer me!"

"Why should I answer you?" Fiona turned to him, trying to break free from his grip. "Listen, Spencer, design a necklace is my business, and it's my own business to give it to anyone I want to. Why should I tell you?"

"Because I'm your husband."

"I'm sorry. I don't want to admit it." Fiona's face darkened.

"Then what do you want to admit? Or whom? " Taking a step closer to Fiona, he asked, "Is it Ryan?"

"Don't get other people involved in our matter!" Fiona roared angrily I just don't want to have anything to do with you. I just went to university, but you ruined my life! I have no right to resist, but can't I even complain a little? "

"Why are you so excited to see a necklace? Did you have to be so angry with a little kid? How old are we? Just let them be. "

Eric's words suddenly appeared in his mind. Spencer was taken aback and asked, "Do you think I'm old?"

For a moment, Fiona was speechless. She didn't know why Spencer suddenly asked this, but she was in a rage and continued his words regardless of anything, "yes! You are too old for me! You are nine years older than me! You were already 30 when I was 20, and you were an old man when I was 30. And if I was 70, you might have died a long time ago! You... "

"When I die, I will drag you down!" Spencer interrupted her in a cold tone.

Her heart jolted, and she looked at Spencer, watching a storm rising in his eyes. But the next second, he shook off her hand, turned around and left.

The door of the apartment was slammed shut by Spencer with a loud bang, as if the door was going to break into pieces.

Standing rooted to the spot, Fiona was in a daze for a long time.

Jin Hua Residence.

Ryan rushed back from school, because her father and brother would come back today to have dinner with them.

Elsie was a weak woman. She still did not change her plain character after more than ten years' being the master of the Wen's Family. Seeing Ryan walked into the living room and she asked, "Ryan, why do you come back so early today?"

"Yes." Ryan nodded li

ing you, but also Fiona! "

Spencer narrowed his eyes and said, "Then let the hurt sustain for the rest of our lives."

"What if she comes back? Have you ever thought about that? !" There was a thin layer of anger on Terence's face.

Her? Celine? Spencer's voice was full of sadness. He laughed at himself and felt sad all over. "She did a good job coming back, but we can't be together anymore, right?"


Terence wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Spencer. "Well, that's enough. Pay more attention to the people who check on me. I'll go back first. "

"Do you want me to send you home? You have drunk so much wine."

"No, thanks." Spencer waved his hand and stood up.

"Okay, be careful."


Terence was sitting at the bar counter, watching him leave. Then he poured himself a glass of wine and began to drink. He took out his phone and read the message sent yesterday.

"Terence, I don't know if the life in M City is still the same as before. I dare not ask him, I can only ask you. I'm going back. "

'she is coming back, Spencer

In the Four Seasons Scenery community.

In the main bedroom, Fiona was deep asleep. She didn't even hear the door being opened. She didn't wake up gradually until she felt someone pressed on her.

"Well..." In a daze, Fiona called out. As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw a shadow by her side in the moonlight. She was so frightened that she screamed and constantly clapped the shadow. "Ah -- who is it! Go away! Help Hmm... "

Her mouth was covered by a hand. She could smell the alcohol in his breath. "What's wrong? Don't you recognize me?"

"Spencer!" While speaking, Fiona kicked at him.

But he didn't care about her "tricks", and buried his head on her lips, kissing her passionately.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Fiona cried out painfully, but at the same time, she groaned.

Spencer pressed on Fiona's body, while Fiona gritted her teeth, trying hard not to make a sound.

"Celine... Celine... "

Spencer closed his eyes and breathed wine in Fiona's ear, murmuring someone's name.

Suddenly, a shiver ran down her spine. Fiona wanted to hear what he was talking about, but she only heard a vague figure of him.

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