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   Chapter 53 A Provocation Letter From The Basketball Association Of D University (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10123

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Sophia sneaked out her tongue and made a face at Fiona. Seeing that, Fiona smiled helplessly.

Catching the smile on Fiona's face, Spencer was in a good mood. Turning to the girls, he said cheerfully, "If you want to see the basketball match, I'll leave the decision to you today."

"I want to see it!"

"I want to see it, too!"

"And me!"

Swoosh! Almost all the girls in the company raised their hands. Although Fiona was not that enthusiastic, she raised her hand up. She didn't need to train as she watched the ball game. Why not?

Looking at Fiona, Spencer nodded and said, "Okay then!" We can show this group of young men how awesome we are! "

"Yes! Mr. Spencer! " Eric ran away with a smile.

The team were in high spirits.

"Although we are going to watch a basketball match this afternoon, we can't break the discipline." He continued, "We still gather here this afternoon. And you have to cheer for your instructor during the game. Do you hear me? "

"Yes, sir!"

"Okay," Spencer nodded with satisfaction. "Dismiss!"

At the same time, with a nice bell for the class, a large group of students rushed out of the building and rushed to the canteen.

Sam and Ryan walked out of the crowd with hands on each other's shoulders.

"You were absent-minded in class today. What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Nothing." Ryan's eyes darkened and his heart was blocked. He had been thinking about going to find Fiona, but on second thought, he was afraid that she might don't want to see him. As a result, he felt frustrated.

"Don't be so upset!" Sam thumped Ryan's chest and continued, "There will be a basketball competition between us and the military training instructors in the afternoon. Why don't you join us? You are doing well." Sam got more and more excited as he talked. "Just relax and wash away all your troubles! What do you think? "

"Military training instructors?" Ryan asked, "what about the military training?"

"Of course it is paused," Sam replied with a grin. "All the students will go to watch the competition. So will Fiona. What do you think of it? Are you moved? "

Ryan didn't hide his real thoughts and said, "Yeah, you're right. So do I."

"That's right!" Sam smiled and said, "I'm not afraid even the instructors will be scared if we two work together."

The corners of Ryan's mouth turned up. He put his right hand under his neck and touched a brand-new necklace. He smiled slowly.

In the afternoon, the basketball court in D University was full of hustle and bustle. All the freshmen were brought to the auditorium, shouting and kicking, waiting for the beginning of the basketball match. The place without seats outside was packed with people, which was more lively than the school anniversary.

People in the basketball association had already changed their clothes and were doing warm-up in the lounge. Ryan was still wearing a clean white shirt, staring at the green in front of him, and looking for the figure that he longed for.

"Ryan, why don't you chan

ge nodded and looked around. Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure. It seemed that he had met the girl before somewhere.

The instructors didn't change their clothes. Instead, they took off their tops, wore their vest and sneakers, and went to the field.

Their well-shaped body attracted girls' screams.

Spencer walked to the rest area and said, "Give me a bottle of water."

"Here you are!" Since Sophia was in a good mood just now, she quickly handed him the water.

However, when he took the bottle from Sophia's hand, he caught a glimpse of Fiona. Sitting back in her seat, Fiona bent her head to dry the towels, and turned a blind eye to Spencer.

"Get me a bottle too. Drink some water first!" Eric ran over and took the water. When he was drinking, he suddenly asked in confusion, "Spencer, what's wrong with your shoulder? Are you cut by something? What happened? "

As Sophia was appreciating the figure of Spencer, she took the opportunity to have a closer look. There were indeed some blood marks on his back. She snickered and said, "I think these are left by a woman!"

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer thought, 'you're right!

Fiona's hands holding the towel trembled with nervousness, and her ears turned red as she listened to their conversation.

"Fiona, come here!" Sophia grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Look, don't you think it's like being caught by a woman!"

Fiona was so angry that she wanted to shout. She perfunctorily looked at Spencer's shoulder. As expected, she saw a few marks and her face was even redder.

Eric 's eyes had been wandering between Spencer and Fiona, and a subtle smell was gradually detected. With a resigned smile, he said, "Okay, okay. Mind your own business! Stop gossiping. Just cheer us on. "


With a whistle, the referee gestured to two teams to go up.

Spencer put the water down and walked with Eric to the field. After two steps, he suddenly turned around and rushed to the rest area and said, "Remember to cheer me up later."

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