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   Chapter 52 A Provocation Letter From The Basketball Association Of D University (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7574

Updated: 2020-02-03 00:22

The next morning, the freshmen of the D University began their military training again with loud sound of horns.

When Fiona arrived at the stadium, Spencer was already standing at the training ground with his hands on his back. When she ran to him, she only caught a glimpse of him, but her heart beat faster.

What have they done?! After that night, would they pretend nothing had happened? The thought of that night made her feel worrying. Her face was pale and she couldn't help but flush.

"Hello, classmates!"

"Hello, Mr. Instructor!"

"Yes." Spencer nodded expressionlessly, stood in front of Fiona with his lips closed, and said to the girls of the whole company, "By now, half of the military training time has passed. From today, we will practice walking and running. First, we should make a gesture of solemnity. All of you! Attention! "

The whole company stood well together. After two weeks of training, the girls stood very well

"Your left foot is kicked outwards but your legs should be straight. With your tiptoes pressing down, your sole is parallel to the ground which is about 25 centimeters away from the ground. When you move your arm forward, your elbow is pushed forward and your palm is pushed in the air. A group of girls followed him while Spencer was speaking. He cast a glance at the company and frowned, "Well, come on, just like the tumbler, see what I do!"

Then he stood in front of the companies and said, "look carefully!"

With a sound of "crack", he kicked a standard step forward. His arm rubbed against the trousers, making a crisp sound.


"So handsome!"

Girls in the troops whispered to each other and looked at Spencer with their eyes full of admiration.

Spencer is in a positive stance, "Have you watched that? Just do it. " Then he said, "all of you, let's go!"

There was a sound of brushing

All of them walked forward. Spencer nodded and said, "Yes, you are better now. Keep still and don't move. I have to correct your positions. "

He then walked up to the students who stood at the top of the first row and started to correct their mistakes one by one.

When he walked to Fiona, the two looked at each other. Fiona immediately looked away and tilted her head.

"Look straight

ch a noise! "

A group of girls reluctantly stood up reluctantly.

"We'll talk about going to the bar after the training." Sophia said and ran back to her seat.

Looking at Fiona, Spencer nodded slightly, turned his head away and shouted, "Attention! Let's go now! "

After practicing the formal walk in the morning, when it was almost the time for lunch, Eric ran over cheerfully. He stood a few steps forward to Spencer and saluted, "Mr. Spencer!"

"What is it?" Spencer turned around and asked.

"Report to Mr. Spencer!" "I received a letter of provocation from the Basketball Association of D University," Eric said solemnly

"Provocation letter?"

"What provocation?"

"The basketball association!"

The girls who were supposed to be at attention started whispering. They couldn't help but be curious.

"For what?" Spencer raised his eyebrows.

"Haha..." Eric stepped forward and continued, "They said that they will organize a basketball game this afternoon to compete with our instructors. Mr. Spencer, it's your call whether to accept it or not. "

"Of course you will fight!"

"Exactly! We want to watch the basketball match, Mr. Instructor! "

"I'm going to cheer you up!"

"There is a competition between the Basketball Association and the instructors. It's really exciting!"

The girls couldn't help but start talking again. Spencer shouted, "don't find any excuse. I think you don't want to join the military training."

"Haha..." The crowd burst into laughter.

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