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   Chapter 51 Friendship Between Women (Part Two)

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Fiona wanted to take a detour, but Ryan seemed to feel her arrival. When he turned around, he saw Fiona and ran towards her, regardless of anything.

"Hi, Fiona!" Shouted Ryan while running.

Stepping back slowly, Fiona was about to run away, but was stopped by Ryan.

"Don't hide from me!" With his arms wide open, he stood in front of Fiona and said, "Hi, Fiona! You're finally here!"

"Senior." She grabbed her purse and tightened her grip. With a slight smile, she asked, "what brings you here?"

"I'm waiting for you."

The words broke through Fiona's defensive line of mind in an instant. Her mouth twitched slightly, and she asked, "Why are you waiting for me?"

"You haven't answered my calls for two days. Are you angry about what happened that night?" With a guilty look on his handsome face, Ryan pretended to be fearless as he first met her. He said, "I'm sorry I kissed you because I was too impulsive. But I like you so much, I'm not... "

But Fiona's voice was devoid of feelings. "I can forget what happened that day. We are still good friends from now on,"

"Good friend?" Ryan raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "You know that I don't want to be friends with you only! what happened at the party? Why do you look like a completely different person now? "

Fiona licked her lips, "That's because I suddenly feel that we are only friends."

"I don't believe it!" Said Ryan in an affirmative tone.

"I am in love with someone else."

"I don't believe it!" Ryan said word by word.

"Why don't you believe it?" Feeling confused, Fiona looked at the inquisitive looks from the students around her. She asked cautiously, "Are you pestering me? We have known each other for only two months. Is it necessary for you to act like a life and death match? Isn't it normal for me to fall in love with someone else? "

Then she quickly ran away while Ryan was still in shock.

"Fiona..." Looking at the slender figure in dismay, Ryan clenched his fists and closed his eyes. It shouldn't be like this! We've known each other for two months. But so what? I just want to hold you back for the rest of my life. Can't we?

Inside the dorm, Sophia and the other two girls were surprised and delighted to see Fiona come back.

"Where have you been these two days, Fiona?" Leona was the first one to open her mouth.

"Ryan is downstairs. Have you seen him?" Sophia hurriedly grabbed her hands and said, "I was scared to death. We thought you had an accident."

"I'm fine." Fiona forced a smile.

"Why are you a little strange? What happened? " The careless Sophia could feel something was wrong with her.

"Nothing." Putting her bag down, Fiona said indifferently, "from now on, I'm just a friend of Ryan. Please don't play jokes on us."

"Wow," Ella walked

ent away Ryan's mother. "

"Then What happened next? "

"Later, Mr. Henry's wife died, and then he brought Ryan and his mother to the Wen family. At that time, Ryan was already five years old, wasn't he? Ryan has a half-brother, Charles Wen. "

'Ryan is such a good man. How could he...' Fiona frowned.

"Ryan has been trying his best to do his best. He wants to prove his strength to others." A dash of pity flashed through Sophia's eyes. "No matter how much hardship he has suffered, he has to bear it."

'Isn't that who I've always been?' Fiona's heart skipped a beat.

"I don't know why I tell you so many things about Ryan." Sophia scratched her head and yawned. "Maybe I just hope that you can reconsider it."

"Why? Don't you like him?" Fiona asked gently.

"Ryan and I don't have a crush on each other. This question doesn't have to be asked again," Sophia smiled.

Fiona said nothing and turned to look out of the window.

"Fiona, I'm your friend, I guess?" Asked Sophia.

"Yes." Fiona turned around.

"I mean that we are good friends."

"I don't have good friends." Fiona stunned.

"Let me be the first one." Said Sophia, raising her neck proudly.

"…… Okay. " "I haven't cried in front of others for a long time." Fiona said. Except for Spencer "Will it be embarrassing if I don't make friends with you?"

Sophia smiled and held out her little finger, "Let's be friends forever."

Taking a look at it with her little finger, Fiona hesitated for a while, but it was hooked by Sophia's little finger.

"Come on!" Shaking their hands, Sophia said, "We will be friends forever. Deal! "

Their thumb cards were immediately pressed together. Sophia smiled and said, "The ceremony is completed!"

With a smile on her face, Fiona wondered whether it was a blessing for her to lose love but she gained a new friendship?

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