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   Chapter 49 Do You Remember This Place (Part Two)

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"The ambulance? Come and save the people here! "

Beep, beep, beep

"Ah --" after a while, Fiona recovered from her memory. Covering her head with both hands at once, she screamed in horror.

"Ten years ago, my mother had a car accident here." However, Spencer turned a blind eye to the young man's reaction and continued, "It was a day like this. It rained heavily I went to the hospital, but I didn't even see her for the last time The white cloth covered her face Do you remember that, Fiona? "

How could she forget! Her life was also ruined on that day. How could she forget it!

"Stop it..." Gritting her teeth, Fiona squeezed every word.

"Because of this accident, two women in my life bring me warmth One of them will never wake up again, and the other I can't expect anything more from her" Spencer grabbed the steering wheel so hard that his eyes turned red. It was hard to tell whether it was because of anger or sadness. He asked, "Fiona, should I hate you or not?"

All of a sudden, Fiona opened her eyes and looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes. "Don't find any excuses for yourself to hate me I didn't do anything! You're not the only person in the world who is pitiful! "

With that, she turned around, opened the door, and stumbled into the rain.

"Fiona!" Spencer was quick to react, but he only grabbed a corner of her clothes. He roared as he opened the door on his side and rushed into the rain, trying to catch her back.

With her eyes closed, Fiona dashed into the rain. The scenes of the car accident recurred in her mind. The scene of blood, rain and raindrops mingled with screams and cries was echoing in her mind, drenched. There was a dull pain in her back. Fiona kept crying, "Mom..."


A car appeared at the entrance of the highway all of a sudden. The driver roared the green belt towards Fiona. But Fiona stood still and didn't open her eyes.

"Fiona! Damn it! " Spencer walked up to Fiona and pulled her into his arms. Watching the car speeding past him, he couldn't help cursing.

"Mom..." Fiona pressed her face against his neck and murmured.

Spencer's clothes were soaking wet. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her from head to toe. "Don't you want to see me suffer? Do you want to die?! Do you want to be hit to death? "

"Isn't that what you want to see?"

Spencer's tone was cold and intimidating. "I won't let you die! Do you think that you can escape in this way? I will still torture you! "

Fiona's head was heavy and she didn't say anything. Spencer grabbed her arm and dragged her back. He pushed her hard into the car, locked the door and started the car.

Inside the Cheng family's residence, all the members were waiting for Spencer and Fiona, except for Ethan who

tubborn even when you are sick?" Spencer continued, turning his head to look at Fiona

"Come here!" Anna stood at the door of her bedroom and said, "put Fiona on the bed now."

Without saying a word, Fiona allowed Spencer to carry her into the bedroom. She lay down for a while and fell asleep. She even didn't know when the doctor came.

"How is it going?" Wayne sat on the sofa and asked as he saw Spencer sent the doctor out.

"Mr. Wayne," said the doctor, "the patient is having a fever. She has been given an injection. She will be better after having a good rest for a night."

"That's good." "Has Fiona fallen asleep?" Wayne asked


"Spencer, come here. I have something to tell you." Wayne waved his hand.

"…… Okay. " He nodded his head and said, "Victor, take the doctor out."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

Spencer walked to Wayne and asked, "Grandpa Wayne, what do you want to say to me?"

"Spencer, last night you and Fiona..." Wayne continued, "don't lie to me! If you two really get together today, why don't you talk to each other? "

Spencer pursed his lips and said, "She's shy!"

"You fooled me again!"

"How dare I! Well, "Said Spencer, as he fumbled in his pocket but couldn't find the thing he wanted.

"What are you looking for?"

"Marriage certificate!" Spencer then put down his hand and said, "I've changed the clothes. Our marriage license was in that dress I got yesterday."

"Did you get the marriage certificate with Fiona?" Wayne's eyes lit up.

"Yes, we got the license yesterday." Spencer nodded and added, "Grandpa Wayne, if you don't believe me, you can find out if I'm lying to you by phone."

"You little asshole, you are so efficient!" When he heard what Spencer said, his face lit up. "That's good, that's good, I won't have to worry about your marriage every day."

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