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   Chapter 48 Do You Remember This Place (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7347

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M City hasn't had a few rains in the whole summer, but it seemed to make up for this regret. In autumn, the rain was endless. Till the next morning, the torrential rain was still on, and there was no other sound except the sound of rain.


Listening to the rain, Fiona woke up in a daze. She moved her stiff and sore body under the thin quilt. Suddenly, she felt a powerful arm on her body. Her body stiffened and she pushed the arm away ruthlessly.

Lying prone on the bed, Spencer opened his black eyes suddenly and looked sharp.

She moved her body quietly, grabbed her clothes to cover herself up, got out of bed, and was about to leave with her legs trembling. Waking up from love, there was no shyness, only hatred and humiliation

"Where are we going?" Sitting up from the bed slowly, Spencer stared at Fiona and lifted his eyes inadvertently, only to see two scars on her smooth back. He was shocked.

Hearing the sound, Fiona stopped her steps but said nothing. She kept walking.

"How did you get the scars on your back?" He couldn't help but ask.

With her eyes wide open, Fiona reflexively blocked her back and turned around. Looking at his doubtful expression, she suddenly laughed sadly, "Spencer, aren't you asking me why I'm still alive at the first time we met? I almost died once The scar, of course, was left on the day of the car accident So what? Satisfied? "

His eyes darkened and stared at Fiona. It occurred to him that ten years ago, when he rushed to the hospital, he saw his mother who died in vain and the little body on the bed in the next room

"Last night Are you satisfied now? Are you happy to take revenge on me like this? " Fiona asked him without expression.

When Spencer came to his senses and saw the sardonic look on Fiona's face, he lifted the quilt and stood up but just saw the bloodstain on the sheet. His heart clenched, but a cold smile appeared on his face. "No! I will teach you how to make me happy. "

She turned her head and saw the blood on the messy bed. Her eyes seemed to be stung. She turned her face away and clenched her fists.

In the confrontation, Spencer's phone suddenly rang. Then he quickly picked up his

nd blocked Spencer's voice.

"Damn it!" Narrowing his eyes, Spencer kicked the chair at his feet. All of a sudden, it became quiet in the room. Looking at the traces of water spreading on the floor to ceiling windows, he felt like the weather was like this, without any sunlight.

Ten minutes later, they packed up their stuff, went to the underground garage, drove out of the garage, and went straight to the Cheng family's residence.

It was stuffy and sticky in the car. Fiona couldn't help frowning.

The windshield kept shaking in front of the car. Spencer stepped on the gas and drove the car on the empty road, not towards the direction of the Cheng family.

With a squeak——

They kept driving for a long time and finally stopped at the high-speed intersection. Spencer stepped hard on the brake, splashing the rain on the roadside. The tires screeched violently against the ground.

Fiona was startled. She pulled herself together and looked out the window.

"Do you remember where we are, Fiona?" Spencer stared blankly ahead of the car.

This is

Looking out of the window in the rain, which was blurred by the rain, Fiona saw the words on the road sign indistinctly -- "Y South Road"!

Her heart was beating fast. The nightmare ten years ago suddenly appeared in her brain, like a virus, quickly eroded her brain.

Bang! Bang!

"Alas! A car accident! "

"Help! Help!"

"Is it the police? Y South Road has a car accident... "

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