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   Chapter 47 Prove Your Innocence (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 8978

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"Hi, Fiona!"

The familiar warm voice came from the distance. Fiona raised her head slightly and saw the concerned expression in Ryan's eyes. She had no idea why he was here, but the tears that she had managed to hold back rushed out of her eyes.

Under the dim light, Ryan ran to her and saw the tear stains on her face. Smiling was gone, he asked with concern, "What's wrong with you? Did you cry? What happened? "


"What's wrong?" But then Ryan grabbed her arm and asked, "what happened?"

"I..." After a pause, she shook her head and reached out to wipe off her tears. "It's too late, Ryan. I'm going back," she said coldly

Getting rid of Ryan's hands, Fiona ran downstairs as fast as she could. She could no longer have anything to do with Ryan. She was doomed to lose such a warm boy. She didn't want any innocent people to be hurt by Spencer because of her.

"Fiona!" Watching Fiona run away, Fiona rushed to catch her and grabbed her arm, frowning. "What happened? Why did you suddenly become so cold after leaving the hall? "

"I have always been like this." Holding back her grievances and she didn't want to see Ryan's face, Fiona said slowly, "senior, between the sexes there should be a prudent reserve. Please let go of my hand."

"Fiona, you..." Ryan's eyes widened in disbelief. "But when I was in the hall, you You've already responded to me! "

"I'm sorry that I misunderstood you." Biting her lips, she said, "I'm going back."

"Hey, Fiona!" Ryan shivered and threw herself into her arms. It was the first time for her to feel the anger of Ryan. He looked at her angrily and said, "tell me, what happened?"

"Let me go!" Fiona struggled.

"No way!" Said Ryan with determination, "I said I would protect you!"

"I don't need it." Fiona refuted without a second thought.

Anger and sadness surged in the heart of Ryan. He exchanged a look with Fiona, and suddenly lowered his head, cupping his face and kissing her on the lips.

"Mr...." Andrew was stunned.

Feeling the warm touch on her lips, Fiona widened her eyes in horror. Ryan's mind went blank. The only thing he could do to stop her was to kiss her!

The dim light made the hugging couple look very romantic and aesthetic.

The surrounding was full of faint soap smell. Fiona was shocked, she pushed away the person in front of her and stepped back tremblingly, "what are you doing, Ryan?"

Without precaution, Ryan was pushed back a few steps, and staggered to stand firm. Looking at Fiona, she said, "Fiona, I..."

"Stop! Stop!" Looking at Ryan, Fiona was terror stricken and indifferently drew back. After a few steps, she turned around and hurriedly ran in

h of them trembled.

Spencer pressed her hands which were trying to resist with one hand easily.

"Ah --" Fiona roared with her eyes closed, her voice was more dismal on a rainy night. She closed her eyes tightly. The feeling of humiliation spread through her body.

As if he hadn't heard what she said, Spencer slowly lowered his head. With the mixture of alcohol and breath, he sprayed on her skin and treated her mercilessly

Fiona struggled awkwardly but every time she moved, the distance between them became closer. "Argh... Bastard Let go of me... "

Let you go? Spencer's eyes dimmed. How could he let her go at this critical moment

It hurt so much that Fiona opened her eyes at once, tears streaming down her face. Through the blurry sight, she saw the side face of Spencer, with short hair, in front of her.

It turns out that women and men are like this when they are making love... With a desperate laugh, she felt as if all her strength had been sucked out. She was totally screwed up!

Fiona's tears quietly sank into Spencer's hair, Spencer frowned when he felt the warmth of Fiona. A hint of complicated emotions flashed through his eyes.

What's done is done! Fiona didn't cry for nothing, but pushed Spencer's shoulder with both hands

She felt that her body was becoming out of control, trembling all over. Part of her body seemed to break through, and some strange voice came out of her throat. "Um..."

Raising the corner of his lips, Spencer accelerated his movement without mercy. Feeling Spencer's ridicule, Fiona frowned and bit her lips to swallow the blood. She felt hot in her body, but cold in her heart

The rain was pouring outside the window. In the dim room, the thunder and rain covered up the subtle sound. Everything was different.

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