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   Chapter 46 Prove Your Innocence (Part One)

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The door of the marriage registration office was kicked open at a sudden. Spencer appeared in the office with a struggling Fiona in his arms. All the staff in the office stood up and looked at him in surprise.

"Mr. Spencer!" Outside the office, the person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau had just arrived, and had not tied his tie well. Seeing Spencer, he wiped the sweat on his forehead, nodded and bowed. "Come in, come in! Come in, please! "

Spencer looked around the office with a cold face and then he stepped into it.

"What the hell are you doing! Where is the registration form! Give it to me! Mr. Spencer is going to marry! " The leader pointed at a group of people and shouted, "hurry up!"

The group of people in the office began to get busy with their work. Spencer grabbed Fiona's hand and walked to the table where the form was placed. They took the form and pen from the staff and started filling.

Sitting next to him, Fiona cried so hard that she had no strength to cry out. She seemed to have lost all her strength and turned a deaf ear to the sounds around her.

"Excuse me," the trembling staff opened his mouth and asked them as a routine, "are you willing to register for marriage?"

Voluntarily? Spencer cast a cold glance at him, and the man's heart jolted. 'damn it! Why did he mention this!' he cursed inwardly! He raised his foot and kicked that staff in the ass, "nobody will think you are mute if you don't speak!"

Spencer swiped the paper and filled it in a few seconds. Then he turned to look at Fiona and put the pen in her hand regardless of anything, holding her hand and began to fill the information.

Suddenly, something occurred to Fiona. She struggled and her hand was pressed down by Spencer, "I don't want to fill it! I don't want to fill it! I didn't do it on my own! "

With his eyes narrowed dangerously, Spencer grabbed the registration form, brushed it and tore it into pieces. "One more!"

The staff shivered and handed the form to him. With a bang on the table, Spencer commanded, "fill in!"

"I don't want to fill it!" With her fists clenched, Fiona shook her head and made her last struggle.

"Johnson!" Full of resentment on his face, Spe

the Civil Affairs Bureau, stood on the street in thin clothes and looked around, not knowing where to go.

How could she sustain her life in the future? Did she have to wait? 'Will he let me go if he gets tired of me and doesn't hate me?' Fiona thought. What if he couldn't forget the hate all his life? To tangle with each other for a lifetime

At a high-rise building in the residential area of Four Seasons Scenery, Ryan waited for nearly two hours.

Since Fiona's phone had been turned off, he had hurried here as soon as the party was over. He had investigated the address of Fiona and knew that she lived here. It never occurred to him that he would pay a visit to her house under such a circumstance.

"Mr. Ryan, it's so late. Miss Fiona won't come. Let's go back." Andrew advised him.

"Wait a minute." Ryan walked back and forth anxiously. He just made some progress with Fiona. Why did she suddenly disappear at this time? Something must have happened!

Andrew looked at the sky and said, "Mr. Ryan, it's getting late. The weather is going to change. It might rain later. We'd better not wait any longer? Your brother has been back for so many days, but you haven't come back to see him. Your father must be very angry! "

Hearing this, Ryan frowned. When he was about to say something, he saw a person walking towards the entrance of the community. 'It's Fiona! Just like what he had seen at the art exhibition, every time he waited, there would be a miracle!

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