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   Chapter 44 Being Dragged Into The Civil Affairs Bureau (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7378

Updated: 2020-02-01 00:22

After they stepped down the stage, they received prolonged applause, which was followed by cheers. People in the whole hall were shouting, "Be together.".

"Isn't that girl Fiona? She's so beautiful! "

"I heard that she has a close relationship with Ryan recently! They seem to be together! "

"They two make a good match! They are all so talented, a perfect match! "

"Be together!"

Spencer became more and more angry as he heard what other people were talking about Fiona and Ryan. Suddenly, he stood up and left his seat. He strode to the backstage in the dark hall.

There was no one in the dressing room behind the stage. Ryan was holding Fiona's hand all the time.

"How do you feel on the stage?" Ryan's breath came in short gasps.

"Not bad." "Your violin is awesome," Fiona praised

"You are also good at playing piano." "Can I listen to you playing the piano more often from now on?" said Ryan

"…… Hmm? "

"Did you hear what the audience was shouting just now?" Ryan suddenly smiled mischievously.

"I..." Fiona's face turned red all of a sudden. She suddenly realized that Ryan still held her hands, and her palms were sweaty. She said in a low voice, "Senior, um We have already off the stage but my hands...... "

"I won't let you go anymore," said Ryan, holding her hand tighter

"What?" Surprised, Fiona looked up at Ryan with a confused look.

"I want to be with you. You see, everyone wants us to be together." Ryan lowered his eyes and looked at Fiona gently. "I've never been so worried about anyone. I like you, Fiona. Please get to know me!" After that, he held her into his arms when Fiona was in a daze, gently but affectionately.

Their breathing and heartbeat were in the same rhythm.

Listening to the good cheers on the stage, Fiona felt excited, but she had never been so calm before. Ryan was considerate, gentle and cultivated. It was nice and relaxing to be with him.

Burying her head in his arms, Fiona smelled the faint soap from him and didn't refuse. She raised her hand and wrapped her arms around Ryan's waist carefully. At this moment, she thought of nothing.

Feeling the response from Fiona, Ryan held her closer to him and gave

was too late. He tightened his grip on her chin and said in a cold voice, "I don't think you can make a decision for yourself, Fiona."

Fiona's mouth was slightly open. Looking at Spencer stubbornly, she said, "I'll talk to Wayne tomorrow!"

"What a pity! It's too late!" Suddenly, Spencer grabbed her shoulders and it seemed that he was trying to swallow her. With his eyes turning red, he commanded, "Don't make a meaningless struggle, Fiona! You are going to marry me tonight! You can't wait for tomorrow! "

"What? !" "Fiona looked at Spencer in horror".

Looking at Fiona's sad face, he pressed his lips and raised his hand. He suddenly carried her over his shoulder and took her to the back door.

"Ah! Spencer!" Fiona screamed. Her limbs were shaking. She patted on his shoulder and said, "put me down! Where are you taking me to? "

"Get married!" Spencer kicked open the back door and held her in his arms, walking towards the desolated narrow path behind the auditorium.

The laughter and cheers in the hall faded away. But no matter how hard Fiona struggled on his shoulder, it was useless. "Spencer! I don't want to get married! Put me down! "

Without saying a word, Spencer rushed to the car parking by the roadside.

"Mr. Spencer!" Johnson made a salute to him. When he saw Fiona, who was carried on the shoulder by Spencer, he thought, 'did Spencer want me to drive here in a hurry just now to take her back? Why do he look like a robber?

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